I attended the launch of OSIM’s uDiva, where their latest celebrity endorser was unveiled. If you follow me on instagram (reginachow_sg), you probably would find this photo familiar because I shared contest details on how you could win yourself a uSnooz wrap worth S$68 simply by guessing who this celebrity was.
I will reveal who this mystery man is at the end of the post, but for now, let’s focus on the uDiva sofa first, shall we?
The uDiva sofa is the world’s first triple enjoyment sofa. It functions as a sofa and doubles up as a lounger and massage chair too. As its name suggests, the uDiva also reflects a diva’s goddess-like appearance, fashionable and stylish traits as well as unique personality.
This is probably one of the most beautiful and well-designed massage chairs that I have ever set my eyes on. Unlike its more conventional counterparts which tend to look a little out of place in your home, the uDiva blends in perfectly with the rest of your furniture and interior decor. You’ll never have to worry about your uDiva sticking out like a sore thumb. 

Did you know that uDiva comes in 5 gorgeous colours too? Finding the perfect shade to complement your home decor and decorating style is now a piece of cake. 
The lovely people at OSIM also developed some background mockups to give you some home decorating inspirations and to show you how versatile this massage chair really is.
Gorgeous Pink is a soft muted pink that would go well with a minimalist theme where neutral hues take centrestage. This feminine colour is my personal favourite. As this colour complements pastel shades as well, those of you who are mummies could also place the Gorgeous Pink uDiva in the baby’s room so you can kick back and relax while keeping an eye on the baby.

Enchanting Blue is an elegant shade of dark blue that adds contrast to a monochromatic palette and lends a touch of sophistication to your living area or bedroom, providing a wonderful setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.
 Luscious Maroon, a dramatic shade of dark red, is the perfect accent colour to jazz up your mood and add a touch of vibrancy to your home.

 Last but not least, here’s Elegant Beige and Stunning Black, classic colours that will never go out of style. 
I really like the
slim and compact design of the OSIM uDiva as most massage chairs tend
to be very bulky. If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing
massage chair, the uDiva certainly fits the bill.

Over here, you’ll also see the Elegant Black uDiva in its massage mode. 
I love massages! Not only are they pampering, they also help to relieve stress in our daily lives and promote mental relaxation, thereby enhancing our overall well-being.
If you like massages too, you’ll be happy to know that the uDiva sofa incorporates 3D Power-Ball technology featuring Dynamic 3D massage and has 6 massage modes to cater to your needs:
1) Neck & Shoulder – Relieve
This feels just like a head massage that you would get during a hair wash at a salon. It also uses Feng Chi acupressure point massage to relieve headaches and stiff necks and shoulders.
2) Spa – Treat
A favourite among ladies, the spa mode feels absolutely pampering. Besides relieving stress, this mode also boosts cell regeneration and promotes blood circulation.
3) Happy Hour – Mental Relaxation
As its name suggests, this mode was specially created for PMEBs as many of us who hold desk bound jobs suffer from stiff necks, shoulders and sore back muscles. The Happy Hour mode improves blood circulation in your legs, relaxes your shoulders and neck muscles, and uses lower back tapping techniques to relieve the soreness on your back, helping you to achieve mental relaxation after a long day’s work. 
4)  Lumbar
This is a strong massage to loosen and relieve lower back tension.
5) Stretch
If one of your goals is to improve flexibility, you can count on the Stretch mode to loosen your muscles and deliver results.
6) Sleep 
Wind down after a long day and turn on the sleep mode to relax your body and mind for a good night’s sleep!

Besides a preview
of these gorgeous uDiva sofas, we also indulged in an evening of pampering hand massages and gelish manicures at the manicure and hand massage station. I thoroughly enjoyed the hand massage which almost left me drifting off to slumberland while Karen had a soak-off and a fresh gelish manicure done in OSIM uDiva’s Gorgeous Pink hue.
 We were also treated to colourful
cocktail concoctions inspired by the 5 different uDiva colours, courtesy of Mixes from Mars.
Established in early 2013, Mixes from Mars is a pioneer in the bespoke portable bar industry that offers a unique customization concept where every drink can be personalized to your palate, mood and preference. If you are interested in trying out these drinks, you may want to check out their pop-up bar called Mars Bar at 83 Duxton Road (Duxton Hotel).
I personally loved the Elegant Beige cocktail, as it gave a light, refreshing (and alcoholic) twist to flavours found in apple pies. The distinctive taste and unique flavour won me over.

 For more information on Mixes on Mars, you can visit their website and social media platforms below:

And now, after keeping you in suspense the whole time, here’s presenting the new OSIM uDiva celebrity endorser, popular Korean actor Lee Min-ho! 
 My friends and colleagues were so excited when they saw his standee and many of them could guess who he was immediately.

Want to win an
OSIM uSlender Slim belt massager worth $268?

Simply snap a picture with Lee Min Ho at all
OSIM outlets/roadshows, upload it on Instagram and tag both #uDiva and #OSIMSG
and tell OSIM what’s your favourite massage program. 1 lucky winner will win an
OSIM uSlender Slim belt massager every week from 11th Apr till 31st May. (A
total of 7 sets to be won.)
Do like the OSIMSG Facebook page as well to be updated as
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For more information about OSIM uDiva and the latest updates/promotions, remember to check out the OSIM website here or download the QR code below.