I never thought that I would get to catch Cherry Blossoms or Sakura in Singapore, hence you can imagine how elated I was when JW brought me to Old Holland Road over the weekend to catch Singapore’s version of Sakura, also know as the Trumpet Tree (Tabebuia rosea). 
We stopped our car along Old Holland Road and took a stroll, marveling at the glorious spectacle lovingly bestowed upon us by Mother Nature. It was absolutely magical and almost surreal. A fairy godmother must have waved her magic wand and sprinkled fairy dust in the form of these pretty pink flowers, paving the walkway with a gorgeous carpet of soft pinks and whites.

The picturesque backdrop set the stage for my outfit shots that day and coincidentally, I was dressed in a floral jumpsuit that suited the theme to a tee.

Floral Jumpsuit from Liz Lisa
Hairclip from Alannah Hill
Shoes from Pazzion

I couldn’t resist taking some scenery shots as well, and here are just two photographs that I would like to share with you. To be honest, I wasn’t in the best of moods that day as I was really tired out from all the errands we had to run, but my mood lifted miraculously after we spotted such a beautiful sight. 
Sometimes, simple pleasures like reveling in the beauty of nature are all we need to rejuvenate our minds and souls.