I may be blessed with a slim physique but there are areas such as my thighs that are a little bulkier and less toned compared to the rest of my body. That was why I decided to seek treatment at BottomSlim. Their dedication to inch loss and body shaping at targeted areas fits my objective perfectly.

The friendly and professional consultant first did a thorough analysis of my medical history before assessing my areas of concerns. My body measurements were also taken before a suitable treatment was recommended. To be honest, I am rather contented with my petite build but I always felt that my upper thighs could be smaller, especially after pregnancy!

My consultant concurred that my outer thigh area has an unsightly bulge and would require toning to achieve a straighter profile. My right thigh was also slightly larger in comparison. The 40 min treatment was surprisingly very comfortable and relaxing. It felt just like a massage, except that I was able to kill two birds with one stone and achieve immediate inch loss at the same time.

Aside from using their proprietary, clinically tested techniques and equipment such as E-Matrix, Oxifat , G Boost and Nanox to target fat and cellulite that are beyond skin deep, the human touch makes a difference in toxin removal to achieve inch loss too. My consultant deftly kneaded my lymph nodes to expel toxins trapped deep within and to relieve tension in my muscles. The treatment ended with Nanox, an infrared detoxification session to further eliminate toxins in the body. I was also advised to increase my water intake to hasten the detox process.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a visible difference after just one treatment! For optimal results, home care and regular treatments (2-3 times a week) are highly recommended. I was truly amazed by the before and after results of the treatment. My thighs felt softer and firmer than before. More importantly, the unsightly bulge miraculously disappeared and my thighs became slimmer! Plus, I have measurements to prove it (results of treatment vary for each individual). Thank you BottomSlim for the instant confidence boost!

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