If there is one feature on your face that you could change, what would it be? I am actually pretty contented with what I have but if there is something that I could change, that would be my skin!  I’ve been plagued by pigmentation on my upper cheeks for ages (I conceal it with CC cream so you can’t tell) and most of the aesthetic clinics that I have visited in the past told me that it would be challenging to get rid of it completely.

Well, that was until The Wellness Clinic (TWC) Aesthetics came into the picture. When I had my first consultation with Dr Ram, he gave me the assurance that it is possible to address my pigmentation issues with a comprehensive treatment plan. Wow, I can’t believe I nearly gave up hope and was almost resigned to the idea that these dark spots will stick with me for life. Thanks to Dr Ram and TWC Aesthetics, I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Dr Ram’s affable and easygoing disposition put me at ease right away. He is a wonderful listener who pays careful attention to what your needs and preferences are instead of simply promoting his products and services. I have met doctors who gave me the “only I know what’s good for you” vibe, but with Dr Ram, you wouldn’t get any of that. He also goes the extra mile to ensure that you are comfortable with his suggestions every step of the way, which is why I knew right from the start that I would be in safe hands.

He recommended that I undergo a series of laser treatments supplemented by oral medication after I return to Singapore for good later this year. Meanwhile, a suitable skincare range is also of utmost importance to prep my skin for the treatments that lie ahead.
 I have been using this range of skincare products exclusively manufactured by Dr Ram for about 3 weeks now and while my pigmentation is still there, I do notice that some have gotten slightly lighter. That to me, is a good sign!
I love the gel-based products as they glide on to my skin effortlessly and feel absolutely feather-light. These are just perfect for brightening my skin while keeping it hydrated in our humid climate.


As Dr Ram was aware that I would be traveling for a couple of months and my skin was already looking dull and tired after months of traveling, I was treated to a session of double-yellow laser treatment that helps with skin rejuvenation before I took off again last month. My skin was much smoother and more supple after one session. It took just 15 minutes and the process was very comfortable. There was no pain, no shocking pulses of light, and no downtime. The effects are similar to that of a facial without extractions. This is a great lunchtime treatment as you can pop in and out of the clinic, grab a quick bite before heading back to the office with beautiful, glowing skin!

I am not going to lie. The fact is, treatment for pigmentation is a long-drawn process. One laser treatment is not going to make those spots disappear forever but I did have very smooth baby soft skin that lasted more than just a couple of weeks! Patience is key, and hard work matters too for optimal results. I don’t deny that there are times when I neglect my skincare routine because all I want to do at the end of the day is jump right into bed. Then my skin goes out of whack, turns completely dull and horror of horrors, the dark spots appear darker thanks to my duller complexion. Prevention is better than cure. So remember, always be conscientious when it comes to skincare. 😉
I can’t wait to get back to Singapore to kick start the series of laser treatments. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to the same treatment and I hope what has worked well for most patients would work equally well for me.For more real-time updates and to keep track of my skin’s progress, do follow me on my instagram account (@reginachow_sg).


Two Complimentary Consultations at TWC Aesthetics Clinic

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