Motherhood is fulfilling but tiring, and sleep deprivation over the years has taken a toll on my face. I feel that I definitely look more tired and haggard before. Fortunately, turning back the hands of time is incredibly effortless, thanks to the skilled aesthetic doctors at The Clifford Clinic and the advent of an amazing anti-aging treatment called Profhilo.

Unlike traditional fillers which include chemical stabilizing agents, Profhilo is a 100% hyaluronic acid injection treatment that bio-remodels ageing skin by stimulating natural collagen and enhancing hydration, leaving you with a glowing, youthful appearance.

I believe that the effectiveness of any aesthetic treatment ultimately lies in the hands of your doctor. I highly recommend Dr Timothy Shim, the resident plastic surgeon at The Clifford Clinic as he has an exceptional eye for detail and administers treatments with utmost precision.

It is also important to ensure the authenticity of the injectibles used. You may have come across websites that claim to sell Profhilo, hence do note that authentic Profhilo treatments come with this QR Code that you see below:

Another benefit of Profhilo is that unlike usual skin booster treatments, it is able to achieve optimal results with just 10 injection points. This translates to shorter treatment time, less bruising and less pain. Coupled with local anaesthesia, the procedure is very comfortable and bearable, with minimal discomfort.

Profhilo is quick and fuss-free with minimal downtime, perfect for busy mums and professionals. My skin also felt more hydrated and looked more glowy a week after treatment, whilst my face looked more plumped up and youthful after a month.

Here’s a before and after comparison. Doesn’t my face look less sunken and more lifted, with a natural glow that radiates from inside out?

You too can have beautiful, radiant skin with Profhilo at Clifford Clinic. I have been with Clifford for years and have always been amazed by their doctors’ impeccable skills and professionalism.

Do remember to make an appointment ahead of time as they’re always fully booked!

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