Pigmentation has always been my skin’s greatest enemy, which is why I head to Clifford Clinic every month for Pico Laser to keep these pesky spots at bay. A few freckles may be cute, but when they begin to multiply and form unsightly patches that appear progressively darker with time, it is time to seek professional help.

I started my pigmentation-free journey at Clifford Clinic 5 years ago. I had visited many aesthetic doctors and tried several laser treatments in the market by then, but all my efforts came to naught. Honestly, I was convinced nothing more could be done for my skin until I met Dr Gerard Ee who assured me that regular Pico laser treatments would allow me to achieve crystal clear skin once again.

These close-up before and after mugshots (complete with unkempt hair, deadpan expressions and listless eyes) may not be the most flattering, but they clearly show that the pigmentation on my cheeks have completely disappeared. It comes as no surprise that UV damage is the most common cause of pigmentation, especially in Singapore. Sunscreen is my best skin buddy, and coupled with monthly Pico laser sessions, I am happy to report that my skin has never looked better.

Besides getting rid of pigmentation, Pico Laser is also able to treat acne scars, rough texture and minimize pores at the same time. The laser goes deep beneath the surface of the skin to diffuse the melanin that causes pigmentation spots to appear. By breaking up the dull spots into smaller particles, they naturally fade away with time. Here are more before and after photos of my side profiles for your reference:

In terms of pain factor, the procedure is actually very comfortable with numbing cream. Downtime is minimal, which makes it the perfect lunchtime treatment for both busy mums and working professionals. If you are looking for a solution for your stubborn pigmentation, I would highly recommend that you book a consultation with Dr Gerard Ee. That was and still is the best decision that I made for my skin.

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