Rocco is a legendary eyewear brand that sold 4 million frames between the 1960s-1990s. It vanished from the market for many years thereafter, but it is now back to wow fans with its signature vintage-inspired designs.
What happened to Rocco during its lost years? Where did it go? 
If you follow me on my instagram account (@reginachow_sg), you would have seen this throwback photo of me paragliding while I was holidaying in New Zealand in 2012. Could Rocco have been there too?

It was said that Rocco hit the road, travelling far and wide to make new friends. One day, it dawned on Rocco that all this travelling seemed transient, lonely and superficial. That was when Rocco returned home to be picked up by people who adore its design, people like us!

I can totally relate to Rocco’s feelings about travelling. Travelling opens our eyes to fresh new perspectives and broadens our horizons, but there will always come a time when we yearn to return home simply because that’s where we truly belong, with our loved ones. While I love travelling and am often a victim of wanderlust, home is still where my heart is.
  Anyhow, Rocco certainly chose the right time to be back. The recent mass flowering in Singapore has transformed the little red dot into a magnificent garden city. Rocco must have been lulled by these breathtakingly beautiful bougainvillea shrubs in my roof garden which resemble Japanese cherry blossoms. What a magnificent sight to behold!

I particularly love the preppy chic vintage vibe that Rocco’s designs exude. This pair of stylish purple frames that I chose is remarkably versatile and would be the perfect accessory to complement both corporate wear and feminine vintage dresses during the weekend.  

Rocco is currently distributed by Eye-Trendy, Sin Kwang Group, a reputable distributor of leading international eyewear brands. It has a presence in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. 
For more information on Eye-Trendy, do visit their website and facebook page below:
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