Who doesn’t love a
cold, icy treat on a balmy (and hazy!) day in Singapore? Better yet if
you’re getting freshly made, preservative-free ice-cream from Moments of

Moments of Delight is a local ice-cream parlour that specializes in home-made ice-cream and sorbets. I visited their Bedok Point outlet some time back and had the good fortune of meeting up with Stephanie, the owner of the esteemed establishment. 

A chat with Stephanie revealed that unlike most ice-cream parlours which offer artificially-enhanced and preservative-laden flavours, Moments of Delight uses only the freshest ingredients and fruits to achieve the natural goodness of their delectable ice-cream flavours. 

Thanks to their healthier concoctions, Moments of Delight was awarded for their fine culinary skill by the Singapore Food Map.

Besides the usual suspects like vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, Moments of Delight also offers a myriad of unique flavours that are hot favourites among customers.  Some of the popular flavours include sea salt caramel (I LOVE this!), nutella with
hazelnut and marshmallow and milo. 

If you love a dash of alcohol in
your ice-cream, the rum and raisin here is a definite must-try as the
taste of rum fills your mouth with every bite.

 I brought JW
along with me for the ice-cream tasting and we ordered a doublescoop of
salted caramel ice-cream and milo ice-cream.
Rich, creamy and
tasty, the salted caramel flavour departs from its conventionally sweet
counterparts and strikes the perfect balance between sweet and savoury.
The taste is exquisite and it’s my favourite out of the lot!
The milo ice-cream is devilishly yummy too. The velvety, silky smooth texture makes this a delight to savour. Absolutely decadent.

Next up on the menu was waffles with ice-cream. JW and I decided on a double scoop of nutella with hazelnut and marshmallows as well as vanilla.
I cannot begin to tell you how much I adore the waffles. Light and crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, this is the perfect comfort food to indulge in on a hot day. I am not exaggerating when I say this is beyond divine!

The rich, chocolatey goodness of the nutella ice-cream complemented the milky vanilla ice-cream very well. Personally, I think this is the best ice-cream pairing ever.

However, you may wish to note that some waiting time is required as there is only one waffle machine at the outlet. But good things are worth waiting for, and I can assure you that this waffle is certainly worth the wait. 

If you like sorbets, you would be pleased to know that Moments of Delight offers tantalizing sorbet varieties as well. I particularly love the lime and mango sorbets, which are great for refreshing your palate and beating the heat.  

As you can tell from the menu, Moments of Delight also serves up a bevy of reasonably priced beverages and pastries to satisfy everyone’s palate.

 I was craving for a cool, fizzy drink to quench my thirst that day, hence I went for the Ribena soda, which is essentially Ribena mixed with soda water. It was refreshing without being overwhelmingly sweet, just what I needed.

JW opted for the cafe latte, his go-to drink at any time of the day.

Delicious ice-cream and yummy drinks aside, I love the non-pretentious and cozy vibe that Moments of Delight exudes. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere makes it an ideal place for intimate conversations with friends. 
I will definitely be back with my friends for more waffles and ice-cream!

Bedok Point #03-34, Singapore 467351 (10 minutes walk from Bedok MRT)

Main Branch Address: 
 201 Telok Kurau Road 
For more updates, do check out their website and Facebook page below: