I have a soft spot for tea sets and that explains why I have a few English Bone China tea sets at home. However, what is missing in my humble collection is a full glass tea set. 
I first laid my eyes on glass tea sets in restaurants and found them to be very practical as you can keep an eye on the tea while the tealeaves/teabags are seeping. Unlike some other materials, glass does not impart any flavour to the tea, which guarantees that you would have great-tasting tea every time.  Moreover, its transparent appearance also means that it can  easily match the decor of your home.  

I have been on the lookout for one in the longest time, and I was beyond ecstatic when I chanced upon a reasonably priced glass tea set on Qoo10 from iLoveSales.SG!  
 If you follow me on instagram (@reginachow_sg), you may already have seen my glass tea set ahead of this post. I received many queries on the tea set immediately after I posted this picture on instagram and it’s not hard to understand why because it is such a good bargain!


The price of the glass teapot set from iLoveSales.SG is usually $26.90, but there was a Daily Deal that day and the price was reduced to $25.50! If you haven’t already realized, I’m constantly on the go and the Qoo10 Mobile App has since become my best friend!

What I especially love about the Qoo10 App is that you’ll get discount coupons exclusive to mobile app users! Since this purchase is above $20, I could use the $3 discount voucher. 
Wow, and that brought down the final price even further to just $22.50!

 What about shipping costs? Complimentary courier service is included in the price and I was very impressed with the speedy delivery. My tea set arrived the very next day after my purchase!
Now, let’s take a look at the contents of each tea set, shall we?
Each standard set comes with:
1 X 600ml Glass Teapot
1 x Glass Infuser
1 x Glass Warmer
6 X 50ml Double Layer Teacups
If you opt for self-collection, you will receive additional freebies too!
Although I didn’t opt for self-collection, iLoveSales.SG still threw in 6 trinity cups for free! 
Now, that’s what I call customer service. Not only are they extremely efficient, they are also willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.
I couldn’t wait to try out my glass tea set, so I brewed a pot of Rooibos tea when my mum came over for a tête-à-tête one weekend. Both of us really like the Bodum style double layer teacups as they are able to keep the tea warm while their exterior remains cool to the touch. 
As glass is a poor conductor of heat, the warmer helps to keep the teapot warm for hours at a stretch, so you can still enjoy the aroma and taste of hot tea while you chat the afternoon away with your guests.

Instead of pairing tea with the usual suspects like cookies and cakes, I like my tea with Chia seeds, which is a healthier alternative. Chia seeds are a rich source of antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids, which help to prevent aging, cancer and also improve cognitive performance. Unlike many proponents of Chia seeds, who typically soak them in water overnight, I prefer to sprinkle a dash of dry Chia seeds fresh from the bottle as the added crunch lends an interesting flavour to the tea.


I had a wonderful afternoon catching up with my mum that day (she’s not in the pictures as she’s camera shy) and she too was full of praises for this affordable yet presentable tea set that’s perfect for entertaining guests.

If you’re interested in this teapot set, you’re in luck because the price has been reduced further and you can now get it at S$22.50 without any discount coupons! Click HERE to find out more!


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