Vanity Trove never fails to spring a treasure trove of surprises on me every month, and the June edition was no exception. 
The Apivita range came as part of June’s Vanity Trove. Founded in 1979, Apivita is the first Greek company to incorporate natural ingredients into beauty products. Did you know that all Apvita products contain high biological value bee products,  Greek plant extracts from organic cultivations and 100% pure organic oils? All their products are free of mineral oil, Parabens, silicone and Propylene Glycol.
 I was delighted to have the opportunity to try out the natural goodness of Apivita products. The Cleansing Purifying Tonic Lotion (S$36 for 200ml) contains natural cleansing agents specially formulated to for oily and combination skin. The unique combination of propolis, citrus and tea tree essential oils gently removes dirt and oil while refreshing and rejuvenating your skin. I am a fan of citrus scents and I personally think that the citrus and tea tree essential oils energize my skin and give me the much needed pick-me-up in the morning.

 The other Apivita products in my June Vanity Trove include the Light Texture Face Cream for Oily-Combination Skin SPF 30 (S$56 for 50ml) and Express Beauty Green Clay Mask (S$58 for a box of 12).


 I have yet to try out the face cream, but I have tried the Express Beauty Green Clay Mask and found it to be an effective deep cleansing mask. One sachet goes a long way and I was able to get 3 applications from this little sachet alone. 
Whenever I felt that my pores were starting to get clogged or when little bumps started appearing, I would slather on a thin layer of the clay mask. It is great for purging impurities and has a soothing effect on my skin. My pores feel clean and my skin feels revitalized after just one application.
Besides the Apivita range, I was also very happy to find Korea’s No. 1 preferred collagen, Ultimate Colla-gen (S$88 for 30 sachets) in my trove.
I have been taking DHC’s collagen drink and collagen powder for a while (albeit on and off) and I feel that my skin is more supple when I drink it. I am interested in finding out if other collagen brands are just as effective, and the fact that Ultimate Colla-gen offers nano-molecular collagen and thus increases the level of absorption into our body, makes it all the more enticing. These handy sachets are great for travelling too as you can simply add them into your drinks when you’re on the go!
I love the multitude of quality beauty products ranging from skincare, haircare, health, and bodycare randomly selected by Vanity Trove, as it allows us to discover and try out the latest products in the market before purchasing the full-size products in stores. However, wouldn’t it be better if your Vanity Trove now consists of products that are specially customized based on your beauty profile and preferences?
Well, that is exactly what Vanity Trove has in store for all of us! The June Edition of Vanity Trove is the last of its kind and moving forward, all Vanity Troves will be personalized. Isn’t that good news? 🙂 
Here’re the steps to take to receive your own personalized trove:

To create your own personalized trove consisting of 8 beauty samples at $25, you would first have to complete your beauty profile. These are just some simple questions to help the VT team come up with beauty recommendations that are tailored to your needs.

Now, for the good news! All my lovely readers will also receive an additional surprise in your personalized Vanity Trove! 
All you have to do is to click on the following link to fill up your beauty profile: 
Are there products that you’ve been wanting to try out? Add them to Wishlist, Like the Brand and the Product to unlock more samples for you. That way, you can pick up these samples the moment they are released. 

You can also share your thoughts about the products that you have used by Adding them to your Beauty Table and Writing a Review. Follow your friends and fellow beauty aficionados to read their reviews and find out about the latest beauty products! 

I’m so excited to receive my first Vanity Trove! I will be doing a review on it when it arrives, so do watch this space for more details!