Dreaming of crispy Peking Duck skin that crackles like a thin slice of caramel in your mouth?

Or a slice of tender and succulent duck meat that boasts an aromatic smoky flavour?
about completing your gastronomic experience with a generous dollop of
caviar that brings out all the flavours of the Peking Duck beautifully?
this sounds enticing to you, the newly revitalised award-winning
fine-dining restaurant Jiang-Nan Chun at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore is
where you should be heading to for the most indulgent Peking Duck
experience in Singapore.

Jiang-Nan Chun, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore


traditional wood carvings contrast with rough fishermen baskets – a
manifestation of Jiang Nan, located south of the Yangtze River


Traditional medical cabinets serve as decorative backdrops
Traditional chopstick holders are incorporated into the exquisite design of the reception counter


What’s special about the Peking duck?

Caviar aside, here’s essentially what differentiates the roast duck here from its counterparts.

ducks undergo special preparation methods for 14 hours before they are
roasted in a mesquite wood oven, which not only imparts succulence to
the meat, but also ensures that the fat beneath the glossy crispy skin
is greatly reduced.

was eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Peking duck when it was
swiftly wheeled out by the Chef, making a dramatic entrance in the
dining hall. Watching

the chef wield his magic and carve the duck in front of guests was a
feast for the eyes.

Chef carving the beautiful glossy Peking duck

The crispy duck skin was the first to be served,
followed by slices of succulent duck meat. I
usually find Peking duck skin a little too oily and the meat, when
taken alone without any sauce, too dry for my liking, but I soon discovered that Jiang
Nan-Chun’s Peking duck is truly in a league of its own.

Crispy skin that crackles in your mouth like caramel

thoroughly enjoyed the crackling crispy skin without the extra layer of
fats, which is perfect for even the most health-conscious patron, and
as I sank my teeth into a slice of duck meat, I was immediately greeted
by the wonderful aroma and an explosion of intense flavours.

It was only then that a wave of realization hit me – I have yet to even pair it with the condiments that accompanied this dish.

line with Jiang Nan-Chun’s new concept of “享乐主义”, or “the principle of
enjoyment and happiness” which promotes the idea that how you eat, and
why you eat, is just as important as what you eat, the various eating
methods of “Peking” versus “Cantonese” roast duck are explained when the
condiments and pancakes are served.

is the main highlight of the condiments and surprisingly, it
complements the traditional flavours of the Peking duck perfectly,
lending the finishing touches to an unforgettable experience.

Highlight of the condiments – Caviar

Peking Duck served with a generous dollop of caviar


















fail to describe how impressed I was as I have never tasted Peking duck
that has approached this level of sophistication.

But that’s not all
that Jiang-Nan Chun has to offer.

Beyond just duck, some of its
signature dim sum and claypot dishes are prepared in the
specially-customized duck oven to greatly enhance the depth of flavours.

Dim Sum

Flaky Pastry with Black Pepper Beef, Steamed Shrimp Dumpling with
Mushroom, Char Siew Sliders with Homemade Pickled Green Chilli

you see the beautiful layers on the Crispy Flaky Pastry with Black
Pepper Meat? There is a total of seventeen symmetrical layers alternated
between water-based and oil-based skin, forming a crispy textured
pastry that envelopes the wood-fired black pepper meat within.

takes many hours to make this and the chefs’ hard work certainly pays
off. Just take a bite and let the light, flaky layers melt in your
mouth, revealing the juicy black pepper meat.

I felt like I went to dim sum heaven.

Crispy Flaky Pastry with Black Pepper Beef

Char Siew Sliders with Green Pickled Chilli is yet another work of art
that showcases the chefs’ attention to the finest details.

Kurobuta pork, the most highly prized pork in Japan, is used to create
its signature Char Siew. The juiciness, tenderness and distinctive
flavour set it apart from the usual char siew, and that tangy sweetness
of green pickled chilli gives it that extra punch.

Char Siew Sliders with Pickled Green Chilli

how could I forget the steamed shrimp dumpling, a dim sum mainstay?
Jiang-Nan Chun’s version is clearly a notch above the rest as it comes
with thin, silky smooth skin and generous portions of large succulent

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings with Mushroom


I love about Jiang Nan-Chun is how innovative the dishes are. Take this
appetizer for example. The soft shell prawns are fried to perfection
(they’re so crispy you can actually eat them whole!) with curry leaves
and spices based on the chef’s secret recipe. The almonds and crispy
rice added that extra crunch which made this dish highly addictive.

Soft Shell Prawns with Sliced Almonds & Crispy Rice


Double-boiled Soups

Sea Whelk, Maka (Peruvian Ginseng), Dried Scallops & Pork Ribs

Jiang-Nan Chun’s double-boiled soups are well-loved by VIPs and dignitaries alike, and it is not hard to see why.

create a rich stock, the base of the soup is boiled for eight hours
with fresh, natural ingredients. Then, key ingredients are added to the
stock and boiled again for another eight hours.This process ensures that
you reap the wellness benefits of their nourishing soups, which have a
rich, complex flavour yet remain incredibly light on the tastebuds.

Double-boiled soups are my idea of comfort food and needless to say, I finished my bowl of hearty soup in a heartbeat.


Beef Oxtail with Lemongrass-infused Oil

Wagyu Beef Oxtail with Lemongrass-infused Oil is a new signature dish
at Jiang-Nan Chun. Cooked for over 30 hours in the mesquite wood oven,
the meat is so tender it melts in your mouth. It is exceptionally
flavourful and goes very well with a bowl of fragrant white rice.

Jiang-Nan Chun, even the tiniest of details is not spared and you’ll be
happy to know that every bowl of rice is individually steamed, so that
every grain is moist and soft.

Main Dishes

Steamed Cod Wrapped in Paper Rice Roll

I first read that the next dish to be served was Steamed Cod Wrapped in
Paper Rice Roll, I wasn’t expecting it to turn up looking like a
beautiful art piece with an equally enthralling story behind it.

Can you tell that this dish evokes silk in the water ripples? This
dish tells the story of one of the Four Beauties of China, Xi Shi.
According to the legend, she used to wash her silks in the famous West
Lake in Hangzhou and her gorgeous reflection stunned even the fishes, so
they swam lower below the waters.

enjoyed this wellness dish with cod, mushrooms and water chestnuts,
accompanied by a touch of truffle personally shaved by the chef for
every guest.


Desserts are less traditional and like every item on the menu, each brings an element of surprise to the table.

Crispy Salted Egg Yolk Puff Pastry

of salted egg yolk can get your fix here with the Crispy Salted Egg
Yolk Puff Pastry with Almond. I was particularly enamoured with this as a
refreshing and creative spin is given to the salted egg yolk craze by
incorporating almond cream in this delightful crispy puff pastry.

Avocado cream, coconut sorbet, osmanthus jelly and cocoa nibs

of you who are a little more health-conscious can opt for the Avocado
cream dessert which is lighter on the palate yet equally tasty.

Yogurt Cream, Mung Beans, Longan, Chia Seed, Sour Plum Granite

you are feeling more adventurous, opt for the Yogurt Cream dessert. The
juxtaposition of yogurt cream and sour plum granite, topped with a
sprinkling of Chia Seeds, gives it a unique east-meets-west twist.

Tea Pairing & Wine Pairing

line with the concept of 享乐, you can always look to the servers for
recommendations on a cup of tea or a glass of wine to complement every
dish and to complete your dining experience.

Tea Pairing

From now till 30 June 2016, call 6831 7220 and quote “25% off Peking Duck” when making a reservation to enjoy 25% off the Signature Peking Duck (U.P. S$98).

There is also a special wine-pairing promotion @S$65++ for 3 glasses of wines curated by their resident wine experts.


Jiang-Nan Chun

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore
190 Orchard Boulevard
Singapore 248646

+65 6831 7220

Opening Hours:
Lunch – 11.30am – 2.30pm
Dinner – 6pm – 10.30pm