I did a fashion photoshoot with KC from Tinydot Photography last Sunday at Tiong Bahru. KC was my prewedding photographer. He did a magnificent job for our Macau shoot and I love his photos. It was definitely an honour to be able to work with such a talented photographer!

Although KC specializes in wedding photography, he was game to try something new this time and so was I. 😉

The theme for the photoshoot was vintage 60s, which is pretty much my usual style of dressing. I did the make-up, styling and modelling while KC worked his magic with two film cameras. This is the first set of photos that were taken. No editing was done.

Mint lace top from H&M
Detachable pearl collar from Hong Kong
Pink floral tulle skirt from FEP
Nude Pumps from Zara
Candy striped socks from Topshop

I can’t begin to tell you how much I adore Tiong Bahru. I must have said it several times, but this quaint little neighbourhood has such a charming, old world charm and oodles of character.

I like the way the images are framed as well as how light is used to add that soft glow and old-school vibe to the photos.

I’ll be sharing more photos in time to come, so keep checking back!

For more of KC’s works, do visit Tinydot Photography’s website here. 🙂