Early this week, we celebrated JP’s birthday at Antoinette@Mandarin Gallery. I had the latest item on their menu, the crab suzette, which was absolutely superb with generous servings of lightly peppered fresh crab meat. JP had the marinara pasta and Veron had the roast chicken but they both agreed that the crab pasta tastes much better.

The desserts are divine though, especially their signature dessert, Antoinette. Hidden within the chocolate mousse lies a delicious concoction of earl grey cream and crispy bits. The interesting explosion of flavours in your mouth is what keeps you going. The strawberry shortcake, on the other hand, is very light. But lo and behold, huge strawberries tucked under the layers of spongecake greet you with every bite. Yums! The chocolate royale cake tastes like ferrero rocher. It is good, but not out of this world. 😉

Overall, the food was very enjoyable. The desserts alone left us craving for more. Food aside, I also really like the ambience and European decor of the restaurant. We seemingly teleported to the other end of the world in the blink of an eye.

The birthday girl! I love her mint green lace dress. Veron, who was so hooked on Scramble I decided to confiscate her phone. 😛

Both JP and I happened to be in lace dresses that day. Lace is one of my favourite fabrics. It’s not hard to see why.

Parting shot of all of us.

I’ll be heading back to Sydney in a week, and there’s so much to do but so little time. Doesn’t help that my nose is still running like a tap. :S Hopefully, unlike me, the rest of you are having a great time this weekend!