Adding new accessories or redecorating your walls are the little things that can be done to spruce up your bedroom. In fact, giving your bedroom a fresh update has never been easier with IKEA. IKEA offers a wide selection of accessories to cater to different styles and needless to say, I’ve always been a huge fan. 😉 My baroque-style bedside tables and cow hide rug were both from IKEA a few years back!

So, what did I do to revamp my room this time? First up, to add interest to an empty corner of the room, I decided to place an artificial potted plant that complements the wallpaper. That was when the FEJKA Artificial Potted Plant and SKURAR Plant Pot came in handy.

I generally favour darker colours and warm lights for my master bedroom as these elements create a romantic, tranquil ambience that is perfect for sleeping and relaxing. I don’t put much furniture in my bedroom except for the bare essentials i.e. bed frame and bedside tables. Instead, I believe in accessorizing for optimal results.

As you can see, the DROMLIK Scented Candles and DEKAD alarm clock are the perfect additions to my side tables, which were also from IKEA (bought them 3 years back!).

Adding new paintings or frames to your walls also helps to enhance the room’s ambience. I’ve been eyeing the UNG DRILL frame from IKEA for eons. Not only is it very affordable (only $39!), it looks great on its own and adds a luxurious vibe to any room, even more so if you are going for the baroque style of interior design.

I have an oil painting displayed right at the foot of my bed, and I always felt that the UNG Drill Frame deserved a place on the wall just next to my bed as that would complete the room. Instead of hanging the empty frame on its own, my brother and I got down to work on a picture collage comprising photographs of Paris in the early 1900s, taken by renowned photographer Brassai.

Customization always lends a touch of individuality and character to the room that you are designing. More importantly, it can be a lot of fun, especially when family and friends are around to help you out!

The bedroom is one place in your house where you can retreat to for some peace and quiet, so it’s definitely important to create an oasis of calm, a sanctuary where you can just kick off those heels and relax after a long day’s work.

You’ll be surprised to know that sprucing up your bedroom every now and then not only helps to give it a new lease of life, but it directly enhances your mood as well. So, head on down to IKEA now for more ideas and inspirations!