Mermaid nails in pearly, iridescent pastel shades have always been a fascination of mine. There are numerous designs on the internet, but most come in bright turquoise shades and are heavily encrusted with crystals. A little too over the top for work, if you ask me.
When it comes to nails, dainty, feminine designs are right up my alley. Nothing too loud (no turquoise blue) or gaudy lest it risks looking unprofessional, but yet it can’t be plain and boring. This delicate balance is generally hard to achieve, but Koji from Dazzlette Nails literally nailed it with this set of beautiful mermaid nails. 


Skills and experience aside, good manicurists have a keen eye for detail and aesthetics. I sent Koji a couple of photos before my manicure to give her an idea of the design that I desired, but instead of replicating it, she gave it a fresh spin with her own interpretation based on my preferences and personal style. The results? Nothing short of fabulous. 
I couldn’t stop marveling at how intricate the details were. The inlay method was used to encase the gems and seashells to prevent them from falling out easily. Don’t my nails resemble a work of art? Even JW and my parents, who usually do not pay any attention to my nails, gave the nod of approval.
I love that Dazzlette Nails is centrally located at Bras Brasah Complex, so if you work around the area, you can always pop in for a pampering session during lunch or after work and then bounce back into your schedules.
To give you an even better excuse to pamper your nails, quote my name “REGINA” and  you’ll receive a 20% discount on nail art services from now till 30th June!

Dazzlette Nails
231 Bain Street 
Bras Brasah Complex 
Singapore 180231 
9099 9928/ 6333 4221