Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai Pudong is one of the most beautiful hotels in Shanghai in my opinion. It has the perfect combination of old-world charm with contemporary features and modern finishes, not to mention the killer view of Pudong’s iconic skyscrapers from its infinity pool, made world-famous by the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall 007.
Infinity Pool featured in Skyfall 007
During my recent trip to Shanghai, I had the privilege of dining at Shang-Xi, hosted by the lovely team from Four Seasons Pudong. Located on the second floor of the hotel, Shang-Xi offers fine Chinese cuisine in an exclusive and luxurious setting.


I found myself attracted to the
opulent decor reminiscent of old Shanghai and the intimate ambiance
resulting from just 22 seats for public dining, which affords a
wonderful balance of privacy and interaction.
The highlight of Shang-Xi lies in its five private rooms, each of which is designed to represent a semi-precious stone. The cozy yet elegant rooms are ideal for hosting VIPs or even just a private get-together with family and friends.





Ambience aside, I had one of my most enjoyable dining experiences in China to date. The food was exquisitely prepared and artfully plated, but what struck me most was how the restaurant gave iconic Shanghainese and Chinese dishes a unique twist.


Amuse Bouche


Top-Bottom (Clockwise): Chinese Evergreen Salad with Fresh Crab Meat, Pan-Fried Dough Cake with Spring Onion in Foie Gras, Marinated Chicken in Fragrant Soy Sauce, Jelly Fish Marinated with Aged Vinegar
One of the four appetizers that we had was the Pan-Fried Dough Cake with Spring Onion in Foie Gras, a popular Shanghainese delight that combined both eastern and western elements.
Pan-Fried Dough Cake with Spring Onion in Foie Gras
While you may be
able to find pan-fried dough cake with spring onion on the streets,
Shang-Xi’s Foie Gras version was a refreshing change. The smooth and
creamy foie gras was a wonderful accompaniment to the light and fluffy
dough cakes which were pan-fried to golden perfection.
Double-Boiled Fish Maw Soup with Matsutake and Lycium


Double-Boiled soup is a must-have for me at Chinese restaurants as it is both nutritious and very flavourful.  As I had just touched down from a long flight before the meal, a bowl of piping hot soup was a nourishing and comforting way to wind down after a long day. I could taste the savoury goodness of the fish maw and matustake mushrooms with every sip.
The Garoupa fillet, which was up next, was very fresh, tender and aromatic. The citrus notes from the preserved mandarin peel balanced out the fermented garlic flavour beautifully. I loved it as the beauty of this classic Chinese dish lies in its simplicity.


Steamed Star Garoupa Fillet with Fermented Garlic & Preserved Mandarin Peel in Bamboo Red Basket
I would highly recommend the braised pork in brown sauce layered in crispy tofu sheet and if I had to choose my favourite dish for the night, this would probably be it. The braised pork was already delicious on its own, but that delightful crunch from the crispy tofu sheet was the icing on the cake and truly sealed the deal for me.
Braised Pork in Brown Sauce with Layered Crispy Tofu Sheet, Stewed Vegetables with Green Peas and Walnuts


The last dish before dessert was fried rice, and if you are familiar with Chinese cuisine, I am sure you would have heard that fried rice is the true test of a chef’s culinary skills. I was feeling quite full by the end of the meal, but this bowl of fried rice was so addictive it took my breath away. Topped with a dash of flying fish roe, it was bursting with flavours and textures with every bite.


Shang Xi Fried Rice with Shredded Abalone, Conpoy and Seafood
To cleanse the palate after my hearty meal, a light and refreshing dessert in the form of osmanthus jelly with chilled yogurt was served. I was told this dessert is wildly popular with ladies and health-conscious patrons due to the health benefits of osmanthus jelly (including beautiful skin!) and the creative pairing with chilled yogurt. It tastes sinfully delicious, but you can rest assured that this delicious concoction will satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt. Looks like killing two birds with one stone isn’t that challenging a task after all!
Osmanthus Jelly with Chilled Yogurt
After my sumptuous meal, I was invited to the hotel’s stylish FLARE spa for the Orchidee Imperiale Signature Facial.
Entrance to FLARE Spa
A welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is the place to indulge in a pampering facial or massage, or a relaxing dip at the infinity pool as you disconnect from the world.
If you need to head out right after, private make-up counters well-stocked with Guerlain beauty products are readily available for use to ensure that you always look your best.
I am always thrilled at the prospect of indulging in a pampering facial after a flight or a long day of meetings and travelling. After a quick change of clothes and a soothing foot bath, I settled comfortably under the covers and let my therapist work her magic as I drifted off to slumberland. What a wonderful way to recharge!
Guerlain’s Orchidee Imperiale range of products which contains orchid extracts to boost cell longevity were used during the facial, accompanied by a gentle massage to improve circulation and aid relaxation.
You can expect to wake up to a smoother, brighter complexion with redefined facial contours immediately after. I felt absolutely refreshed and all ready for my week-long meetings in Shanghai.
Refreshed after the relaxing facial
While I stayed in Puxi this time, I would definitely head back to Four Seasons Hotel Pudong on my next trip, be it for business or leisure, as I came to realize that it took me just under 10 minutes to get from Puxi to Pudong even in peak hour traffic.
I couldn’t be more grateful for the warm reception and hospitality at Four Seasons Hotel Pudong. The immaculate service and attention to detail and aesthetics only made my dining and spa experience all the more memorable. I can’t wait for my next trip to Shanghai, but till then, I thought I’d leave you with a breathtaking view of Pudong from Four Seasons Hotel Pudong’s infinity pool. Isn’t it beautiful?
 Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai at Pudong
210 Century Avenue
200120, Pudong District
86 21 2036 8888