Singapore has come a long way since it achieved independence 50 years ago. We have a beautiful garden city, a democratic and multi-racial society, and a safe and secure country where everyone lives in harmony. Most importantly, we have a place that we are all proud to call home.

 As we celebrate SG50 this year, let’s take one step further and let our imagination run wild as we envision Singapore 50 years down the road. 
What will Singapore look like in 2065?
What do you hope to see in Singapore in 2065?
The Straits Times and CapitaLand are calling out to all Singaporeans to submit your ideas here . A total of 50 attractive prizes are to be won, including the top 3 prizes below:
Your ideas can be submitted in the form of videos, images and text. Remember, the only limit is your imagination, so let your creative juices flow and think out of the box. Who knows? You might just be a winner!
Your ideas should fall under one of these topics:
  • Go Green
  • Smart Spaces
  • Space-Age Kampungs
  • Weatherproof World

What about me? What do I hope to see in Singapore in 2065?

I’ve always thought that it would be amazing if we could incorporate augmented reality into multi-tasking wearable gadgets or electronic devices found in our home. 

For instance, by wearing something as simple as a watch, you can get an instant health scan and get a rundown of your current health condition, the types of food that you should avoid and what you should do to prevent yourself from falling ill. 

How about a smart refridgerator that keeps stock of everything that you have in the fridge, keeps track of your likes and dislikes and automatically replenishes your groceries based on your preferences? I have always found grocery shopping a chore, hence I’ll be eternally grateful if such technological advancements come our way! 

And you know how women have bursting wardrobes but are always complaining that they have nothing to wear? I have come to realize that these feelings arise because our crammed-to-death wardrobes make it difficult for us to see what we have at a glance, and it takes even more effort for us to mix and match clothes, bags and accessories to put together a decent outfit. 

Now, what if you have a smart wardrobe that catalogs every single item in your wardrobe and project it on a screen whenever you open up your wardrobe, along with styling and make-up recommendations based on not only the occasion that you’re dressing up for, but your current mood as well? As it is, I am already rubbing my hands in glee at the thought of it!  


 What other ideas do you have? 

The deadline for the contest is 30 April 2015, so keep your ideas coming and submit them at!