To keep my skin in tip top condition, I stick to a regular beauty routine and make it a point to go for facials whenever I sense that my skin condition is less than satisfactory. Towards the end of last year, I had a sudden outbreak of oil seeds on my face resulting from a moisturizer that was way too rich and creamy for my oily skin. 

Oil seeds are tough nuts to crack as they don’t go away on their own, hence extraction is necessary. Fortunately, one of my friends introduced me to Innersense Spa & Wellness, a beauty salon centrally located at Far East Plaza. 

An oasis of peace and calm in the heart of bustling Orchard Road, the minimalist decor and warm ambiance at Innersense Spa & Wellness put me in a relaxed mood instantly. 
My eyes lit up when I saw skincare products by French brand Payot on display. Payot is a staple in the French beauty scene and its products are commonly found in beauty salons. The brand’s commitment towards creating natural products from plant and marine extracts as well as minerals to minimize allergic reactions is commendable, and I certainly appreciate Innersense’s choice of skincare brand.

Ladies, did you know that your boyfriends and husbands can also treat themselves to a pampering facial or massage treatment with Payot’s Homme range at Innersense while you get your treatment done?

Before my treatment commenced, Cindy, the therapist, assessed my skin condition and gave me an overview of the proposed treatment customized for my skin type.

After a cup of warm tea and a change of attire, I was all ready to begin my treatment for the day.

These are the products that were used during the treatment.
Despite the fact
that many facial treatments have steered towards the use of machines in
place of manual extractions, I still believe that the human touch, especially manual extraction, is of
paramount importance and more effective for oil seeds, white heads and black heads removal.  
I had expected to cringe in pain, as with most manual extractions, but I was in for a pleasant surprise. I hardly felt any pain as Cindy was extremely gentle with my skin and executed every move with utmost precision. The diamond dermabrasion machine was also used in tandem with manual extraction to expedite the unclogging process. 

High frequency treatments are known for their anti-bacterial properties, hence this was administered after the extraction process to eliminate any bacteria and prevent infection. My treatment ended with a soothing hydration mask from Payot and a pampering lymphatic drainage massage using Meditrina’s Ageless Herbal Cream to remove toxins from the body.

 I have always believed that every facial review should come along with before and after photos. I can go on and on, waxing lyrical about how effective a treatment is, but photos are proof that it truly works. 

Here are my before and after photos. Both photos were taken with slightly different lighting but they have not been edited. 

Can you tell that most of the bumps and oil seeds disappeared after just one session? The most amazing part was, I could immediately head out for dinner right after as there was no redness or swelling at all. 

I have to thank Cindy for this as she did a terrific job of saving my skin!

Innersense Spa & Wellness

14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza

8322 3889