In today’s Fashion Fridays post, I will be sharing more about layering with ponchos from Freja Designs. Yes, layering is possible even in our hot and humid climate!
I’m not sure about you, but I am always undecided about whether I should bring out a cardigan or a jacket to keep myself warm because I could be feeling unbearably hot at one point and in the blink of an eye, be completely frozen when I enter a mall. In Singapore, it
may be blazing hot when you step outdoors, but the minute you step into a
shopping mall, the temperature dips drastically as you are greeted by
cool air blasting from the air-conditioners. Don’t even get me started
on the cinemas.
Ponchos, like this one from Freja Designs are a wonderful alternative. Freja Designs is a Swedish fashion brand that is currently found in hotels such as Fullerton Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel and Conrad Hotel. Made of 100% Rayon, their ponchos are incredibly lightweight and versatile. You can layer it over a dress like I did, or if you prefer a more casual look, layer it over a top and wear it out with shorts instead. 

While I wouldn’t say that a poncho like this could keep you extremely warm, it does provide some degree of warmth and coverage. Better yet, it adds interest to your outfit and makes a statement. Just look at how my simple white dress has transformed.  
It is amazing how a poncho could make a difference to your entire outfit. I can foresee myself bringing this along for my overseas trips too as it is completely crease-free. In fact, this would make the perfect beach cover-up too! 

Poncho from Freja Designs // Dress from Bangkok // Sandals from Lyn Around (Thai Designer)

Freja Designs