The Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+ is proof that good things come in small packages. Visually, it stands out from the sea of smartphones with its slim, sleek and stunning exterior. The luxurious shade of Frosted Gold exudes style and sophistication, making it the perfect fashion accessory for style mavens. 
Practically speaking, it is
incredibly light, handy, and is so slim that it fits into the tiniest
clutches.  At just 6.7mm, The GALAXY ALPHA 4G+ may be Samsung’s slimmest and
most stylish phone to date, but it also packs a punch thanks to its Octa Core Processor and 4G+ LTE
Cat 6 capability. Now, I can surf the internet and stream my favourite
dramas at a much faster speed without compromising on the chic factor.
Its Ultra Power Saving Mode is very useful too as I am able to extend my remaining 10% battery life by up to 10 hours’ worth of standby time. As a result, I no longer have to carry a portable charger around with me on a daily basis. Additional features include fingerprint security,
which gives you the convenience of signing into websites such as Gmail
and Zalora as well as paying for your purchases using Paypal with the
swipe of a finger. I enjoy online shopping and this feature makes my
shopping experience absolutely fuss-free.

In my opinion, the key highlight of the Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+ is its built-in 12MP Advanced Camera which comes with Fast Auto Focus to capture action shots, Selective Focus for shallow depth-of-field (i.e. sharp subject and blurred background) and Real Time HDR to preserve the light and colours to achieve life-like photos. If you enjoy taking photos, you will definitely love this phone.

Here are some unedited photos that I took with the Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+. I was truly impressed by the photo quality as it certainly rivals that of my DSLR camera.
Selective Focus (Sharp Foreground, Blurred Background)

Selective Focus (Blurred Foreground, Sharp Background)

Selective Focus (Sharp Foreground, Blurred Background)

Selective Focus (Sharp Foreground, Blurred Background)
Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Perhaps it is about time for my bulky DSLR camera to take a backseat now. 

The Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+ is currently retailing at S$848 at all Samsung Experience Stores. Other than Frosted Gold, it also comes in Dazzling White and Charcoal Black.
For more information on the Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+, click here.