It’s tough to find middle ground when it comes to maxi dresses. They tend to fall into either end of a spectrum, either too casual or too formal. 
I have to thank my lucky stars and also Sushi for taking the plunge and placing an order for this lace maxi dress from our supplier because “the one” that I’ve been looking for finally came along. Its shirt dress structure exudes a no-nonsense vibe while the delicate lace material lends a touch of feminine charm. Finally, a maxi dress that I can wear to work without looking underdressed or overdressed.     

While it is easy to take a dress like this to work, I would suggest you reserve this either for Casual Fridays or evening functions if your office has a very strict dress code. You can choose to dress up the dress with a pair of heels or slip into a comfy pair of wedges to dress it down.
Generally speaking, with a statement dress like this, there’s hardly any need for accessorizing. But if you really want to, you could cinch your waist with a skinny belt and put on some stud earrings. I picked out a pearl belt from my mum’s wardrobe to accentuate the silhouette and bring out the vintage appeal.

Bag from Hermes
Cuff from Hermes
Shoes from Pazzion
Belt from my mum’s wardrobe

I hope you enjoyed reading this week’s edition of Fashion Fridays. Have a great weekend ahead! 


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