A couple of months ago, Braun Buffel very kindly extended an invitation to a small group of bloggers for a hands-on leather crafting session.

Different types of leather to choose from for leather crafting
German premium leather goods brand, Braun Buffel,has always been an avid supporter of the arts and philanthropy, both of which are long-standing themes of the brand since it was founded by Johann Braun.
Braun Buffel is active in several community-building programs and charitable initiatives globally through corporate donations as well as partnerships with cultural institutions and non-profit organizations. In Singapore, Braun Buffel is a patron of the arts for da:ns festival; a programme partner with Very Special Arts Singapore (VSA Singapore) and a supporter of Community Chest.

To reinforce its philanthropic efforts, Braun Buffel launched the “Buffel Art Project”, its inaugural charity event in Singapore this year. VSA Singapore was chosen as the beneficiary. For the uninitiated, VSA Singapore is a charity launched in September 1993 to provide people with disabilities with opportunities to gain access to the arts for rehabilitation and social integration. VSA Singapore offers platforms to integrate individuals with disabilities into mainstream society through the Arts and also helps these individuals to gain financial assistance and independence through arts-making.
As part of the “Buffel Art Project”, two key fund-raising events, namely the Buffel Art Competition and Buffel Art Auction were held earlier this year. Both events centered around the brand’s distinctive logo, the Braun Buffel bull. Artists were given free rein to let their imagination and artistic flair run wild for the benefit of charity. 
In line with these initiatives, Braun Buffel specially invited its German craftsman to demonstrate the art of crafting Braun Buffel leather products through a series of workshops.
Leather Products
It was great fun crafting my very own leather product from scratch but it was also a relatively daunting task for me as I discovered that art and craft clearly wasn’t my forte. I have never done home economics in my secondary school days as I took Music as an ‘O’ level subject instead, and I never quite saw the need to pick up sewing and the likes.

Creating my very own Braun Buffel leather product from scratch
I was at a total loss when I saw these tools in front of me. Nonetheless, I tried my best to follow instructions and observe what my peers were doing. Thank goodness I finally got the hang of it after what seemed like an eternity.

Maybeline fared really well and she was the first among us to complete her masterpiece. 
Amazing Maybeline

After fumbling a couple of times and seeking advice from the very strict yet professional German craftsman, I was done with my iPad mini pouch which doubles up as a clutch. I felt an incredible sense of accomplishment upon unlocking this achievement. Never in my life have I sewed a button, much less a pouch!

Final product

Here’s the final product, complete with a Braun Buffel tag. Does it look good enough to be sold in retail shops?
Achievement unlocked, thanks to Braun Buffel!

Thank you once again to Braun Buffel for the amazing experience. It was certainly an honour to be a part of their meaningful efforts to raise awareness for Very Special Arts Singapore.
Have a good weekend ahead!