I believe that less is more, especially when it comes to exposure to chemicals, and that is the reason why I am always on the lookout for natural skincare brands that advocate skin-friendly ingredients and omit harmful chemicals.
ISOI is one such skincare brand from Korea and it is now readily available at specialist organic retailer bud Cosmetics. ISOI stands for “I am SO Intelligent” and is developed specially for the intelligent consumer who makes purchases based on the ingredients used in each product instead of being swayed by advertising and branding campaigns.
One of the most distinctive natural ingredients used in ISOI skincare is precious prime-grade Bulgarian Rose Oil. Prime-grade Bulgarian Rose Oil is different as 3,000 roses are required just to extract 1ml of rose oil. You can imagine how heavenly the products smell, and after using them for a period of time, I can assure you that their lovely scents are a treat for the senses.
Bulgarian Rose Oil is selected for its high levels of vitamin A and C (17 times more than lemons and 20 times more than tomatoes), great penetration ability, excellent skin softening function and for its ability to protect the skin, delay skin ageing and boost skin vitality. Bulgarian Rose Oil is suitable for all skin types including sensitive or troubled skin. 
I had the privilege of attending ISOI’s media event recently, where I gained a better understanding of its full range of products and had the opportunity to participate in a flower-arrangement session. Each of us put together a bouquet of flowers to be brought home at the end of the event as a memento. 

ISOI believes that harmful chemicals can be substituted with luxurious natural ingredients without affecting the efficacy of its products. Controversial harmful chemicals such as chemical surfactants (SLS, SLES) that are cancer-causing agents are replaced with natural and safe ingredients such as coco-glucosamine. 
Did you know that natural skincare products generally tend to have relatively shorter shelf lives due to the lack of preservatives? To counter this issue, ISOI substituted chemical preservatives such as parabens and phenoxyethanol which cause allergies and breast cancer with patented natural preservatives such as scutellaria baicalensis extract which allows skincare products to have a shelf life of up to two and a half years before opening.
In view of my pigmentation issues, I was recommended the following products:

ISOI Bulgarian Rose Laser White Tonic Essence (130ml) – S$70
ISOI’s Bulgarian Rose Laser White Tonic Essence is a whitening essence that promises to improve your skin tone, reduce and prevent pigmentation as well as soften your skin. It is one of the most popular products in the ISOI skincare range.
The natural vitamin C from Bulgarian rose creates strong antioxidant activity to whiten the skin and enhance its clarity. Natural whitening ingredients such as arbutin and licorice extract are used to deeply penetrate the skin to whiten dull, dark skin and remove age spots and freckles.
I have been using this essence after cleansing on a daily basis. After using this for about 2 months, I noticed that the pigmentation on my upper cheekbones seemed to have lightened slightly. My skin also feels more supple and much softer. Most importantly, the peace of mind that I get from using this product to prevent my pigmentation issue from worsening in the long term is priceless.

Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum (35 ml) – S$92
ISOI’s Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum is yet another star product. While it fills sunken areas
with moisture, Arbutin and natural vitamins from Bulgarian rose oil
deliver whitening effects that even out your skin tone. A little goes a long way, and all you need is just 1-2 pumps. I pat this evenly on to my face after applying the tonic essence.
 The Blemish Care Serum packs a punch as not only does it improve your skin tone, it also provides ample hydration while preventing clogged pores through the use of natural anti-trouble ingredients such as Centella Asiatica.In addition, it promises to improve acne-prone skin, sunken scars and even dark traces on skin.
This is certainly no mean feat because most products that prevent clogged pores are usually a little drying and may cause skin sensitivity. I am generally prone to clogged pores but after using this for 2 months, I realized that my pores appear smaller and are less clogged than before. I also noticed that my dehydrated skin feels more moisturized as a result of the product’s continuous supply of moisture. Natural hydrating ingredients and high quality rose oil are delivered deep into the skin to ensure continuous hydration for 24 hours, thereby strengthening the skin’s protective barrier and increasing its regenerative power.

Intensive Sugar Scrub (50ml) – S$62
Besides receiving the full-sized Tonic Essence and Blemish Care Serum, I was also given a small sample of ISOI’s intensive sugar scrub. This mild exfoliator has smaller sized crystals than other sugar scrubs to gently remove dead skin cells and sebum. 
As only natural ingredients are used, it is safe enough to be ingested, which is why I love to use this on my lips. Not only does it exfoliate dead skin cells, it also adds elasticity to the lip line which tends to wrinkle easily. 

Pore Tightening Fresh Gel Cream (50ml) – S$99

While I didn’t get to take this gel-based moisturizer home with me, I was truly tempted to purchase this after trying it at the media event.
I have oily but dehydrated skin and only gel-based moisturizers seem to work well on my skin. I was charmed by ISOI’s Pore Tightening Fresh Gel Cream as it absorbs readily into my skin without any greasy after-feel. This is a dream come true for oily and combination skin types as it controls sebum while supplying abundant moisture. I would certainly purchase this once my current moisturizer runs out.
 If you are interested in trying ISOI or other organic, all-natural brands, you might want to check out bud Cosmetics, a store dedicated to providing customers with pure, organic, safe, ethical and guilt-free products. Aside from ISOI, bud Comsetics also offers a curated selection of popular organic beauty brands including The Organic Pharmacy, OSKIA, John Masters and NEOM Luxury Organics.
You can either visit their website at www.budcosmetics.com or head down to one of their physical stores at the following locations:
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