When JW suggested that we make a trip to Maldives, I wasn’t
particularly excited because based on all the photos I saw online, it
looked like just another beach resort to me.
Well, I couldn’t be more wrong.
In reality, “heaven on earth” is probably the only phrase that does justice to Maldives, and if you haven’t been there yet, I would urge you to head there at least once in your lifetime. I have travelled rather extensively in the past 10 years or so, but not once have I stepped foot on an island that feels so magical. If there was a God, he certainly spent a lot more time on Maldives than anywhere else in this world.  

I wish I could tell you that a picture says a thousand words, but in this case, pictures simply do not do any justice to this paradise whose beauty is truly unrivaled. 

The Resort 

We picked Cocoa Island by COMO, which is renowned for its tranquil surroundings and excellent food. If an idyllic, castaway holiday is what you are after, this is the place for you. If you practise yoga, the resort offers daily yoga classes as well.
There are only 33 villas on this small island and you will hardly see anyone around, even during meal times. We were utterly mesmerized and blown away by the resort’s serenity and untainted beauty. Cocoa Island by COMO felt like my very own private island and gave me my much needed dose of solitude. Peering at the colourful fishes and reefs in the crystal blue waters while  the grains of sand gently brush between my toes has got to be the most wonderful feeling in the world.




The Villa

Each villa comes with a private sundeck that overlooks the ocean. A few steps down the stairs is literally all it takes to have the ocean at your feet. I love to frolick in the water alongside colourful fishes in the day and watch the sun dip into the horizon in the evening.



The Food 

Ufaa may be the only restaurant on the island but the food is nothing short of amazing. My opinion wouldn’t change even if I were to be stranded on this island forever. 

We had room service about half the time that we were there, but whenever we felt like dining at the restaurant, we would choose to sit at the outdoor area to enjoy the spectacular view and feel the cool sea breeze caressing our faces.


The fish in particular, stole my heart as it is the sweetest and freshest I’ve ever had. It didn’t take me long to find out from the friendly staff that the restaurant stocks only the freshest catch from the sea.

Breakfast is JW’s favourite meal of the day and the options here clearly didn’t disappoint. In fact, they far surpassed our expectations. The waffles are crisp and topped with delicious fresh fruits while the french toast, which JW proclaims is the best he has ever had (even better than all that we have tried while we were staying in Australia), is toasted to perfection and absolutely flavourful. 


If you prefer something savoury, their eggs benedict is a good bet. All the flavours from the different ingredients – the eggs, hollandaise sauce, all the way to the lightly toasted buns, blended together seamlessly to bring out the essence of the dish. It was just phenomenal. 

Although the cuisine here is largely fusion or western, the chef does a splendid job of springing surprises on guests every now and then. We were treated to a sushi feast during one of our lunches and I spotted Thai cuisine on the menu on a separate occasion too. 

Rediscovering Life

Maldives is made even more beautiful by the wonderful companionship of your loved ones. Being able to go into your own cocoon and withdraw from the rest of the world with your soul mate is an experience that I relish and cherish. 
In Maldives, we had the luxury of time to reconnect as a couple, forge stronger bonds and just bask in the companionship of each other as we subtract all the negativity in our lives to make way for a positive future.
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