Want to look like a superhero without compromising on style? I came to realize that the cape blazer will easily do the trick for mere mortals like you and me. It’s chic, stylish and can take you from work to play depending on how you pair it. 

The cape blazer design is also perfect for our humid weather. I hardly ever wear blazers in Singapore but I really like how the cape design keeps you warm when you step into an air-conditioned room while the slit sleeves help you to look and feel cool when you step outdoors under the blazing sun.

I’ve worn this cape blazer with a formal pencil dress for work, but for weekends, shorts are my staple. Of late, I find myself favouring shades of black, white and grey. I have also started to gravitate towards simple, minimalist pieces with clean lines. That was how I came up with this ensemble. A simple leatherette cropped top, a pair of embossed shorts and a cape blazer all in the same shade, accented with touches of gold. Sometimes, the beauty of an outfit lies in its simplicity and I’m surprised it took me so long to discover this.


Cape Blazer from Love Bonito
Cropped Top from MDS
Shoes from Charles & Keith
Cuff from Hermes
Clock Bag from Taobao

have been back in Singapore for some time now, and while it is great to
be back with family and friends, I haven’t been doing so well in the
health department. In times like this, I really wish I was a superhero with immediate self-healing powers. If only I could be a female version of Wolverine and Superman with my cape blazer!
pulled a muscle due to a persistent cough, which recently led to a
painful inflammation of the membrane protecting my lungs (also known as
pleurisy). The bad news – I was in so much pain I could barely walk or
lie down. Even talking, breathing or laughing hurt and I could not move my right waist for days. The good news is, Arcoxia (a strong painkiller) helped a lot and I’m much better now. I have to minimize any movement as it adds pressure to my waist and back area but thankfully, my cough has faded into oblivion.
In spite of all the pain and inconvenience, this episode serves as reminder that I shouldn’t focus on how stressed I am and instead remember how blessed I am. 
The hubby is on an important course this month hence my parents have
been taking me to the doctor and going out of the way to make sure my 3
meals are settled. My dad also makes it a point to drive me to important
meetings that I cannot miss despite my condition. 
Every cloud has a silver lining and there’s so much to be grateful for.  
early-morning text messages from my mum just to check that I’m fine, the cozy
lunches with my dad every afternoon since the mishap happened, their silly antics that made me laugh even though they cracked me up so bad my injury hurt, the hubby’s attempts at placating me with comfort food (i.e. unhealthy food) as I’m sick of plain food, and even text messages from the colleagues persuading me not to go for less important meetings lest I hurt myself again. It warms my heart from inside out and I honestly cannot be more appreciative for everyone and everything. 
Thank you, all of you are my superheroes.
I’ll be back in the pink of health soon, I promise. 🙂