It was an incredible feeling to have paradise right at my footsteps for a week. Maldives felt like a dream and heaven on earth is perhaps the only description that does any justice to its natural beauty.
I will be sharing more about my trip to Maldives in a separate post as the focus of today’s Fashion Fridays post will be on resort wear and beach essentials. If you follow me on instagram (@reginachow_sg), you might find some of these photos familiar.
Breezy Chiffon Outfits
I bought this purple cropped top and shorts set from Theory of Seven a while ago but never found the right opportunity to wear it until Maldives came along. 
The devil lies in the details and in this case, the cape-like chiffon layer attached to the shorts made this set absolutely irresistible. I love how it moves with the wind, as if it is performing a little dance accompanied by the peaceful waves gently lapping onto the shore.

Swimwear naturally comes to mind when you think about resort wear and beach essentials. This time, I packed enough swimwear to last me an entire week in Maldives. Here are just two of my favourite bikinis. They’re exceptionally well-made and fit petite ladies really well.

 3-piece Swimwear Set from Liz Lisa, Japan

Bikini from Victoria’s Secret

Crochet Cover-ups
I personally have a soft spot for crochet cover-ups and over the years, I have added more than a handful of these to my beachwear collection. This lovely crochet dress from Australian label Bardot is the perfect cover-up.
I didn’t actually get a tan as I kept spraying SPF50 sunblock regularly throughout the day, but this crochet piece must have been sprinkled with some magic dust. I was initially a little doubtful about the colour, but when I put it on, I realised it complemented my skin tone and even gave it a healthy tan and glow.

 Beach Essentials

Swimwear and beach coverups aside, here are some of the beach essentials that I cannot live without. If I were to choose one item to take with me on a beach vacation, sunblock would definitely rank first.
On this trip alone, I brought along two SPF50 sunblock sprays from Japan, two SPF50 sunblock gels for my face (from Kose and Clarins), and an SPF30 sunblock powder from Jane Iredale. I even brought along a lavender scented facial mist with SPF30 which I bought from Hokkaido in June!
The beauty about beach holidays is you don’t have to wear much make-up. The only make-up items I packed were my trusty Benefit Dandelion blusher, my favourite lipstick from Laneige in Spangle and Paw Paw Ointment (which I use as a lip balm). 


What about you? What are some of your beach essentials?

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Have a great weekend ahead!