Rocco eyewear with Crizal Prevencia lenses

Karen and I were both part of the Rocco eyewear campaign and we each received a pair of designer Rocco frames. I picked a purple pair that’s a little more feminine (as featured in the photos above and below) while Karen got herself a preppy navy one. 
Just as we were thinking of getting lenses for our eyewear, Bryan from Jamco Optical at Katong Shopping Centre kindly offered to sponsor our Crizal Prevencia lenses.  
What’s special about Crizal Prevencia lenses?
These lenses are the only clear lenses in the market that selectively filter light to protect the eye against harmful blue-violet and UV rays while maximizing the benefits of essential light.
 Crizal Prevencia
lenses have an eye-sun protection factor of 25 (E-SPF 25), which means
that your eyes are 25 times more protected than without any lenses.
Unlike standard UV lenses, Crizal Prevencia’s unique patented technology
ensures that its lenses are able to effectively protect your eyes from
front and back UV rays.
What’s the difference between blue-violet light, UV light and essential light?


In addition to UV light, why do we have to protect our eyes from blue light too?
usually wear contact lenses on a daily basis, hence I can easily
protect my eyes from UV rays by putting on my sunnies. However, on days
when I decide to put on my spectacles just to give my eyes a break,
that’s when I worry about exposure to harmful UV rays. 
With Crizal Prevencia lenses, I never have to worry again because my eyes are automatically protected from both UV light and blue-violet light.
Watch the video below for more details on Crizal Prevencia Lenses:
Aside from spectacle frames and lenses, Jamco Optical also boasts an extensive collection of sunglasses, including classic brands such as Ray Ban and highly coveted designer brands such as Victoria Beckham.
Ray Ban
Ray Ban Aviators
Ray Ban
Here’s what I ended up purchasing eventually. Karen bought the same pair in a darker shade. Great minds certainly think alike!

I was really tempted to purchase the Victoria Beckham aviators from Jamco because they are so incredibly light and stylish.  
The prices at Jamco are also generally below market rates, hence you can rest assured that you’re getting a good deal. The warm yet professional service provided by Bryan and team also made the entire shopping experience a very pleasant one. I would definitely recommend Jamco for all your eyewear needs.

Victoria Beckham Aviators
Victoria Beckham Aviators

Victoria Beckham Aviators

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