Buck Tile St Cafe is a new cafe that we stumbled upon in our neighbourhood in the Western part of Singapore. I cannot express how delighted I was with this new discovery because sipping on a piping hot cup of cafe latte (or chai latte) while savouring delectable desserts in rainbow colours in a cafe that is situated just a stone’s throw away from where we live is right up my alley. 
I love the cozy, non-pretentious vibe of the cafe. What stood out the most for me was this row of clocks that adorned the main wall. I’ve seen this decor in another cafe in town and to my amusement, the time in Pulau Tekong at that cafe was intentionally adjusted backwards. I’m sure all the men who have served National Service can relate to this as the first three months in Pulau Tekong would have felt like an eternity.  
The time in Tekong at this cafe however, remains the same, though both of us felt that the time in West Coast could be slower here to depict a slower, more leisurely pace of life that you’ll get to experience the moment you step into Buck Tile Cafe, which was exactly what we felt. 
I also love the sense of humour here. Anywhere with free wifi is a plus, especially if it is very wavy.
Did you know that the name Buck Tile St. Cafe came from the term Bucket List? At the back of the cafe, you will see little squares of colourful handwritten notes and wishes on a board titled “Bucket List”.


I personally think that the main highlight at this cafe is their interesting selection of cakes and desserts. I was tempted to order a slice of every cake just to have a taste, but JW wasted no time in turning down my suggestion. Only two servings of dessert please, he said.

I had to order their Tiramisu dessert because it comes in a really cute flower pot with a wooden spade that doubles up as a spoon! Let me assure you that not only is this dessert aesthetically pleasing, it fares very well in the taste department too. It is light, moist and has just the right balance of bitter chocolate powder to complement the creamy filling.

I also ordered the very peculiar blue velvet cake. JW was skeptical about my decision at first, but the cake’s extremely light and fluffy consistency won him over. Moist and soft on the inside, every mouthful was a delight. This is easily one of the best cakes we have tried in a long time. 
Did I mention that I really adore the colourful confetti balls too?

I was craving for fries too as I’ve been abstaining from them for a long time due to a cough that wouldn’t go away. I needed that plate of spam fries. 
It was a little salty, which was to be expected since you’re really munching on luncheon meat, but we thought it could have been fried a little more to make the edges crispier. Even then, it is hard to go wrong with spam fries and they were nonetheless a satisfying addition to our meal.
 What about the drinks, especially the coffee? Coffee addicts would be happy to know that the coffee beans here are from Toby’s Estate. The cafe latte may not be mind-blowing, but it was definitely good enough to meet my hubby’s requirements whenever he needs a coffee fix.
I had the chai latte, my default comfort drink if I can find it on the menu in any cafe, and I am very happy to report that Buck Tile St Cafe serves up one of the better chai lattes in Singapore.
 Many cafes that offer chai lattes make the mistake of adding too much milk, which drastically waters down the flavour and takes away the essence of the drink.  Here however, the milk takes a back seat while the distinctive flavour of the chai spice blend takes centre stage and really shines through. I love it.

 So yes, we will definitely be coming back for our cafe latte and chai latte fix. I can’t wait to try the other desserts that we missed out this time too! 
Buck Tile St Cafe 
104 Faber Drive
Opening Hours:
12pm – 11pm daily

Nearest MRT Station: