I am always on the go, shuttling between the office, meetings and events. While I may not be able to meet up with my loved ones as frequently as I would like to, I am grateful that advancements in technology have allowed me to constantly stay connected with them via email or social media platforms. 
For the past couple of weeks, my Samsung GALAXY Tab S has been out and about with me everyday. It is so incredibly light and slim, I can just pop it into my handbag and take it around with me wherever I go. It is now my trusty companion and I love how I can connect with the rest of the world with the swipe of a finger.

When I have pockets of time in between meetings or events, I like to catch up on my emails, read an e-book or watch my favourite drama series to make full use of my time. There are times when I prefer to sit outdoors just to get a whiff of fresh air, but I have come to realize that the screens on most tablets are very reflective, which makes it really hard for me to read what’s on the screen clearly under sunlight. 
Thanks to the SUPER AMOLED display on Samsung GALAXY Tab S, this problem has become a thing of the past. Its SUPER AMOLED screen is 40% less reflective than the usual LCD screens on other tablets, so I have no issues reading my emails or e-book even when the sun is beating down on me. 
a day and age where productivity is the buzzword, keeping myself
productive is one of my top priorities and I love how I can get things
done with my Samsung GALAXY Tab S.

Did you know that Samsung GALAXY Tab S also comes with a suite of programs to enhance your productivity on the go?  
Hancom Office, which is similar to Microsoft Office, is one program that I find particularly useful for work. With Hancom Office Hword (similar to Word document) and Hcell (similar to Spreadsheet), I can read and edit all my work documents easily. I never have to worry about compatibility issues again!

Hancom Office

Another feature that I fell absolutely head over heels in love with is the Remote PC function, which allows you to sync your PC/laptop at home or at work with the Samsung GALAXY Tab S. With the tap of a button on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S, I can now gain access to all the files on my laptop or PC at home regardless of where I may be.

Remote PC Function
I upload tons of photos onto my laptop a few times a week and I always make it a point to edit my photos before publishing them on my blog. More often than not, I only have time to edit my photos on my laptop way after working hours at night as it is such a chore to carry my laptop around. 

You cannot believe how thankful I
am to have my trusty Samsung GALAXY Tab S with me. I know I
have been gushing incessantly about how light the Samsung GALAXY Tab S
is, but aside from
that, it also gives me the flexibility and convenience of being able to
edit my photos on the go all the time. The long battery life is a huge
plus point too as I can rush out urgent blog posts or work with complete peace of mind. 

SideSync 3.0 is yet another feature that got my attention. It actually makes me want to get myself a Samsung mobile phone.

allows you to control your Samsung smartphone from the Galaxy Tab S, which means you can
continue to text your friends or pick up calls even if your mobile phone
is not by your side. You can also share files between both devices by
copying and pasting or dragging and dropping into the shared clipboard. Isn’t that amazing?

(Disclaimer: Compatible with
GALAXY S5 LTE and GALAXY Note 3 With LTE only. More devices to follow)



Taking short breaks throughout the day increases my productivity as I am able to recharge, refocus my energies and keep my mind fresh. To relax, I would usually grab some nibbles or catch a movie. And that’s where Samsung GALAXY Life comes in useful. 

Samsung GALAXY Life

All Samsung GALAXY Tab S users stand to enjoy an exciting array of exclusive rewards and  privileges through GALAXY Life. Thinking of grabbing a bite, catching a movie or buying mooncakes for your loved ones? GALAXY Life has got you covered. 

You can easily redeem the rewards by clicking on the “Redeem It” button, after which you are given an hour to claim your reward.

Samsung GALAXY Life users are also entitled to a variety of special privileges. For instance, you could have redeemed a lucky draw code that gives you not one, but three chances to win concert tickets and rehearsal passes to the YG Family 2014 concert that took Singapore by storm! 

I love everything that Samsung GALAXY Tab S has to offer. With my trusty Samsung GALAXY Tab S, higher productivity is easily attainable and that also translates to fewer late nights and more beauty sleep for me!