I love adding a pop of red to my outfits, especially simple minimalistic pieces like a little black dress. Red stands out against black and the marriage between these two colours creates a classic look that never goes out of style. 
For a more playful and quirky look, you can also consider throwing on a splash of colours with red as an accent colour, like what I did here. It’s easy to wear several colours at the same time and not end up looking like a clown as long as the colour of your shoes and accessories matches one of the colours in the ensemble. 


I have been waxing lyrical about leaf prints and palm prints the past 2 weeks, hence this week, I decided it’s about time to bring on both flowers and foliage. After all, leaves and flowers belong together, don’t they?
If you take a closer look at this whimsical top and skorts (yes, it’s not a skirt!) set, you may notice that there are a couple of pop-up leaves and flowers that give it a more 3-dimensional visage. These cute little pop-ups are made of fluffy cotton pads and I know this sounds really childish and ridiculous, but I couldn’t help but give these squishy pop-up motifs a good squeeze every now and then. Oops, now you know how silly I am!

Top and Skort Set from Ching
Shoes from Zara
Bag from Kate Spade
Earrings from Chanel

I hope you enjoyed today’s edition of Fashion Fridays! As always, have a great weekend everyone!