As you can probably tell, I have developed a liking for mixing prints and patterns of late, and in today’s outfit of the day  (OOTD), checks and stripes take centerstage. Both patterns are rather bold and can look a tad overwhelming when paired together, but a general rule of thumb for me when it comes to the print-on-print trend is to make sure that the two prints are of different sizes for better visual harmony.
In this case, my striped skirt has thick, bold lines that are narrowly spaced, while the checks on my white top are spaced slightly wider apart and drawn with thin lines to balance out the overall look. It also helps that the top I chose is primarily white as that neutralizes the bold black lines on my skirt and really binds the whole look together. 
What I love about prints is that all you need is a dose of it to add interest to any outfit. They’re so fun to play around with and should definitely be in everyone’s style arsenal. The trick is to find two prints that go well together and yes, they don’t necessarily have to match!

Arm Accessory from Hermes
Bag from MyJotterBook
Top, Skirt and Shoes from random shops

To complete the outfit, I slipped on a pair of ankle-high strappy wedges for greater visual impact. I got these from Far East Plaza many years ago, and was afraid that the soles would fall off as I’ve neglected them for a while. Well, and just as I expected, they came off as soon as I took these pictures! 
I was quite crestfallen when that happened but I’m determined to get them fixed. Fortunately for me, I also had another pair of shoes in the car to prepare for wardrobe malfunctions.
Shoes aside, I would also like to bring your attention to this lovely cigar box bag from MyJotterBook, which stocks exclusive handcrafted bags. Lishan, the owner, usually brings in these bags in limited quantities, so the chances of you running into someone on the street carrying the same bag is almost zilch. I personally adore the rocker chic vibes that this bag exudes, complemented by a touch of glamour thanks to the diamonte studs adorning the edges of the bag.

What do you think of this look?
Here’s wishing everyone a great week ahead! Don’t let the Monday Blues get you down. 😉