I will be sharing some of my favourite designs from Audi Star Creation 2014 in today’s edition of Fashion Fridays. If you are interested in my outfit of the day (OOTD) for the runway showdown, do refer to my previous post here.
 The theme for this year’s regional design competition was “The Asian Perspective”, and I had a fabulous time watching the runway showdown and taking a guess at each designer’s inspirations as towering models strutted down the stage in their beautiful designs.  
One of my favourite pieces is this cut-out shirt designed by Hye Ra Rhee of Korea. She wasn’t one of the winners, but her feminine designs inspired by the beauty and resilience of nature’s flora definitely won my heart.
Here’s another cut-out design that I absolutely adore. I especially liked how she sprinkled the cut-out floral motifs all over to add dimension and interest to an otherwise minimalist style.
These effortlessly stylish pieces designed by Rebecca Corrine Lam, who was one of the 3 winners that evening, were some of the other designs that caught my attention. Rebecca’s designs, while reminiscent of traditional paper cutting which is closely linked to Asian culture, have a modern contemporary vibe and a touch of edginess, making them extremely wearable. In fact, I can see myself wearing every design in this collection.
Vietnamese designer Tu Nguyen Hoang’s designs were very fascinating as well. Hoang pushed the boundaries by marrying 3D technology with meticulous craftsmanship, taking fashion design to a whole new level. He may not have been a winner at the competition, but his innovative and futuristic designs were certainly well-received by the audience.
  That about sums up my favourite designs at this year’s Audi Star Creation. Which of these designs do you like best?
Meanwhile, have a great weekend ahead!