My Dream Wardrobe is a wonderful online platform for selling your pre-loved or unused designer goods. If you have been reading my blog regularly, you would probably have read my post about the launch of My Dream Wardrobe at the end of last year.

What do you do with designer bags that you hardly use?  

Seasons and trends come and go, and in the process of updating our wardrobe with new bags, the older ones get pushed deeper into the back of our closet till they slip into the depths of oblivion.

Instead of letting them sit in the darkness of your wardrobe, selling them not only helps you to finance new purchases, it also allows you to make room for them. In other words, yes, you can finally have your cake and eat it!
There are many ways to go about selling your pre-loved or unused designer goods. Second-hand consignment stores are one avenue, but the high overheads are usually transferred to consumers, resulting in less gains. Hence, online platforms such as My Dream Wardrobe are probably a better choice.

Here’s what My Dream Wardrobe offers:
  • With their search functions, you can rest assured that your advertisements will never be missed.
  • Buyers have more confidence in purchasing from advertisers using their site thanks to their contact information verification system!
  • You may upload up to 10 pictures at a time. Supported file formats are gif, bmp, png, jpg, jpeg.

My Dream Wardrobe’s Fashion Directory

Besides potential buyers and sellers like you and I, My Dream Wardrobe also collaborates with established designer goods consignment shops and bag cleaning service providers such as Richards Bag Spa. For greater transparency, the complete list of consignment shops and their corporate profiles can easily be found under the “Fashion Directory” tab. Whether you are looking to buy/sell your bags or treat them to a much-needed bag spa, My Dream Wardrobe has everything under one roof and is the one stop shop for all your luxury needs!

I spring-clean my wardrobe regularly to make way for my new purchases and during my recent spring-cleaning, I came across a couple of designer bags that I have cast aside and have long forgotten about. It would be such a waste to throw them away given that they are still in excellent condition, though I doubt I would use them again. Since I firmly believe that one girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure, selling them on My Dream Wardrobe would definitely be a better option! 
 What about you? Do you have designer bags that are not well utilized? 
You might want to do yourself a favour and put them up for sale on My Dream Wardrobe too!