AFC Kidachi Detox and Diamond Vision are two health supplements that I have incorporated into my daily routine for about a month now. 
Kidachi Detox aids digestion and detox while Diamond Vision protects our eyes from UV rays and blue light emitted from computers, mobile phones, television and LED lights. Both supplements target common issues that manifest in this digital age, where we are constantly embroiled in a whirlwind of activities. Being connected 24-7 means that checking our emails on our laptops and mobile phones while we are on the go has become a norm, and sometimes, we get so caught up with everything that’s happening around us, we end up neglecting our health.
There have been several occasions where I had to skip meals or eat at irregular hours simply because I have deadlines to meet, and I’m pretty sure I’m not just speaking for myself here. Busy is a drug that we have all become addicted to.
While it is difficult to change our current lifestyle, incorporating exercise (like yoga!) and health supplements such as AFC’s Kidachi Detox and Diamond Vision into our daily lives helps us to take baby steps towards better health and fitness.
Kidachi Detox
 What is Kidachi Detox?

Kidachi Detox is a high potency all-natural formula, with active Kidachi aloe, 10 billion Lactobacillus plantarum and prebiotics (inulin and oligosaccharides) to promote healthy digestion, restore gastrointestinal health and strengthen immunity.
Kidachi Detox is recommended for those with:
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Constipation

  • Poor digestion & gastric health

  • Diet rich in processed food

  • Bad breath &  body odour

  • Skin problems such as acne & allergy
Did you know that our stomach is responsible for 75% of our digestive functions? Our digestive system is home to 100 trillion bacteria (both beneficial and pathogenic) and forms the foundation for stronger immunity and overall health.
Indigestion occurs as a result of food processing and cooking methods which destroy vital food nutrients and enzymes required for digestion. You may also get indigestion from eating at irregular hours.
What are the symptoms of indigestion? Common symptoms include a bloated stomach, gastric pain and heartburn.

I am very prone to indigestion and I often feel bloated due to my irregular eating habits. I also fall prey to indigestion and constipation when I travel overseas, as a slight time difference is all it takes to cause my body clock to go haywire.
Thankfully for me, AFC’s Kidachi Detox came just in time for my Hokkaido trip in early June. I packed it in my luggage as I knew it would definitely come in handy, and it sure did. My stomach started to feel bloated a few days into the trip and my bowel movement was affected as well. 
That was when I decided to whip out my bottle of Kidachi Detox. 

Recommended Dosage 
The recommended dosage of 6 caplets per day and you can either take all 6 at a go or split it up the dosage throughout the course of the day. For ease of convenience, I usually just take all 6 caplets in the morning or before I head to bed. I tend to have difficulties swallowing large pills, but these caplets are relatively small, smooth and easy to swallow.

Why should you choose Kidachi Detox?
It is 100% natural and formulated with active Kidachi aloe, a premium species of aloe exclusively found in Japan that naturally restores the pH level in our stomach and aids in the breakdown of sugar and fat to relieve discomfort. It is widely recognized as a medicine in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia as Anthraquinone is present in this species. Anthraquinone is known for regulating and improving bowel movement without any side effects.
It is also the only aloe supplement in the market that contains 10 billion Lactobacillus plantarum and prebiotics to restore digestive health. The Lactobacillus plantarum used are specially treated to withstand high heat, such that it can survive in acidic stomach conditions and prevent harmful bacteria from affecting the absorption of nutrients. Prebiotics, on the other hand, promote the growth of good bacteria.
Was Kidachi Detox effective for me?
I was mindful that Kidachi Detox is meant to be a dietary supplement and not a miracle drug, hence I didn’t expect the results to be immediate. However, after taking the supplement for just 3-4 days, I realized that my stomach was less bloated than before and my bowel movement became more regular. It has been almost a month since I embarked on my journey with Kidachi Detox and I am happy to report that I hardly feel bloated anymore. This is one supplement that I would personally recommend and will continue to take in the long run.
What is Diamond Vision?
Diamond Vision is an all natural supplement scientifically formulated to provide crucial nutriental support to safeguard the well-being of your eyes by reducing accommodative stress from prolonged work at near focal length. Harmful blue light and oxygen radicals that are harmful to the eyes are neutralized. Key ingredients include 4 super carotenoids for eye health, namely Astaxanthin, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Bilberry Extracts.  
Diamond Vision is recommended for those who:
  • Experience eye fatigue with near point tasks or after prolonged work on computer
  • Constantly exposed to UV and strong lighting
  • Read from gadgets such as tablets and smartphones frequently (that’s like every one of us!)
  • Experience difficulties in adjusting between different focal points
Did you know that blue lights emitted from electronic devices such as smartphone, laptops and tablets create a by-product called free radicals that damage our eyes? 
Exposure to blue lights and UV rays over time can lead to premature eye problems such as blurred vision, dry eyes, eye strain and macular degeneration.  
I personally suffer from dry eyes and eye strain as I am always clearing work on my iPhone or laptop. It doesn’t help that I wear contact lenses for extended periods of time as well. To reduce the discomfort, I always carry a bottle of eye drops with me wherever I go, and I try to give my eyes a break every hour or so by giving them a gentle massage.

However, old habits die hard and there are times when I either get carried away or my work schedule requires my eyes to be glued to my electronic devices all the time. That’s where Diamond Vision can then play a role in mitigating the negative effects these gadgets have on my eyes. 

Recommended Dosage 

The recommended dosage is 2 softgels per day. These softgels are just as easy to swallow. In case you were wondering, yes, you can take both Kidachi Detox and Diamond Vision together. 

Why should you choose Diamond Vision?
Diamond Vision provides comprehensive protection for the eyes against blue light and UV light through the use of Natural Astaxanthin, Lutein and Zeaxanthin. It also improves visual acuity, blood flow in the eyes, and delays age-related vision deterioration. This would be an excellent product for your aged parents too.

Was Diamond Vision effective for me?

Having taken this supplement for about 2-3 weeks, I do notice that my eyes feel less dry and tired than before. I also feel good knowing that my eyes are now protected from blue lights and UV rays. That said, prevention is always better than cure and I still make it a point to put on my sunnies and use a brolly when I’m out in the sun. I also try to take more short breaks when I am working on my computer. 
Thank you Lifestream Group for these supplements! 
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These supplements are also available at NTUC Unity, selected Guardian & Watsons stores, Nishino Pharmacies, OG, Robinsons and leading departmental stores. 
Hope you enjoyed this review! Meanwhile, have a great week ahead!