Tiffany Blue is a shade of blue that is synonymous with a brand that every lady loves – Tiffany & Co., of course. 

The trademark blue box in robin egg blue never fails to delight and brighten up anyone’s day.

Similarly, when a dress is made in the very shade that everyone adores, its allure and popularity soars. Instead of the typical black or jewel shade dresses, which are a dime and dozen at functions and dinner parties, why not go for an eye-catching tiffany blue dress, like this one from ClubCouture?

Tiffany Strapless Dress from ClubCouture
Clutch from Forever New
Accessories from Korea
Put a gorgeous Tiffany blue hue with a gorgeous Grecian style maxi dress, and there, you have the perfect dress to put you at the centre of attention.
The sweetheart neckline highlights the soft, gentle curves of the female silhouette as it gives the illusion that it is covering less when it is actually covering more. 
Choosing the right accessories to complement the sweetheart neckline is of utmost importance as it can make or break the look. With a neckline like this, simplicity is the best policy and I would usually go without accessories. 
But if you intend to amp up the glam factor for an evening function, I would suggest a simple drop necklace that draws attention to the beauty of the neckline in a subtle and elegant manner.
 Alternatively, we could take a cue from the lovely Kate Hudson by giving the sweetheart necklace all the limelight and dressing up the ensemble with a pair of exquisite chandelier earrings instead.

  Which look do you prefer?
Regardless of your choice,anyone would be a stunner in a dress like this. 🙂