The 60s was an era of fashion revolution defined by a kaleidoscope of new and unprecedented fashion trends. Peter Pan collars, Mini skirts, shift and A-line dresses and bell bottom jeans were just some of the trends that broke the traditional mold and took the 60s by storm. 

The 60s also saw the emergence of evergreen style icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy and Jane Birkin. It is amazing how till today, designers, stylists and fashionistas still look up to these ladies for inspiration.

As a finalist for Levi’s Best Fashion Blog at the Singapore Blog Awards, I have to write about something or someone from the 60s who inspires me. In this post, I’m going to share some of my favourite 60s fashion trends and style icons, as well as my interpretation of these trends through my outfits.

Peter Pan Collars – this childlike trend associated with children’s storybooks was first introduced in the 60s and is probably the most replicated 60s trend today. It is not hard to see why this stylish, preppy chic trend has stood the test of time. Peter Pan Collars not only add a touch of femininity, grace and playfulness to a dress or top, but they also complement work shirts and blouses beautifully without compromising professionalism.

Credits: Vogue UK

Jean Shrimpton, widely dubbed as the first supermodel and also “The Face of the 60s” is one of my favourite style icons as I adore her classic, feminine style. She looks immaculate in this peter pan collar shirt and her demure, doll-like features complement the innocent charm of the peter pan collar perfectly.

Peter Pan collars aside, Jean Shrimpton also kickstarted the mini-skirt craze when she turned up in a white shift minidress at the 1965 Melbourne Cup and caused a furore with her never-ending legs.

Credits: Daily Telegraph, Australia

Just like peter pan collars, mini skirts have never gone out of style since. I, for one, have so many minidresses and skirts in my wardrobe, they’ve almost become a staple! Depending on the cut, style and length, the mini skirt can suit anyone!

Taking a cue from Jean Shrimpton, I incorporated both the peter pan collar and mini skirt in this outfit of mine. For a more timeless look, I went with a monochrome palette to balance out the cute appeal.

The pleated flared mini skirt lends movement and volume to the dress, while maintaining a sense of decorum. I also love how the lovely peter pan collar and intricate lace details add the finishing touch to the soft, feminine silhouette.

Dress from random shop in Singapore
Bag and shoes from Japanese Label Dip Drops
Beret hairband from Talisman

A simple dress like this is what I would usually wear during the weekend for tea with my girlfriends. In line with the 60s theme as well, this particular set of photos, courtesy of my photographer friend, KC Wong of TinyDot Photography, were taken at Tiong Bahru, a neighbourhood with well-preserved architecture from yesteryear. Did you know that the buildings here were designed to resemble cars, trains, ocean liners and planes with smooth aerodynamic lines and curves?

A-line Silhouettes and Shift Dresses, better known as the mod dresses, were a hit with the fashion savvy British of the mid 1960s, along with boyish hairstyles and waif like figures (think Twiggy!). With such a forgiving silhouette, it is so tempting and incredibly easy to swing back to the 60s to adopt this trend.
Twiggy, probably the most famous supermodel of that era, brought the mod dress to a whole new level with her high-fashion take on the A-line silhouette. Touted to be Jean Shrimpton’s successor, Twiggy broke all boundaries and catapulted to fame in the mid 60s with her boyish pixie haircut and androgynous figure. Needless to say, she is another one of my favourite style icons of the 60s.
The revival of the mod dress was especially prominent in this year’s Spring/Summer runway shows, with the A-line silhouette coming back in full force. Here are just some examples from the Spring/Summer 2013 collections of Jenny Packham, Charlotte Ronson and Moschino.
Now, here’s my take on the mod dress. If you haven’t already noticed, I am a huge fan of vintage style and the 60s is a golden age where I draw a lot of my inspirations from, which is why I aim to retain that nostalgic factor whenever I style my outfits.

Blouse, pinafore and bag from Japanese label Dip Drops
Socks from Sydney
Pumps from Zara
Mustard beret hairband from Talisman
I love how airy and light the A-line plaid pinafore feels. The plaid pattern accentuates the alluring lines of the silhouette and exudes a preppy, schoolgirl vibe. For this outfit as well as the previous one, I updated the 60s look and gave it a breath of modernity with ankle socks and pumps.

Effortlessly chic and sexy, English actress and singer Jane Birkin is also the original Boho chick and a 60s style icon that I admire very much. Her signature look in the late 60s includes a white breezy top, bell bottom jeans and her trademark straw bag. 
With a surname like Birkin, it is not difficult to guess that the highly sought after Hermès Birkin bag was named after her. Jane Birkin carries her straw bag wherever she goes, from the 60s right up to the 80s, but it toppled one day and left her struggling to replace the contents when she placed it in the overhead compartment of a flight that she was on together with Hermès executive Jean-Louis Duma. When she opined that she couldn’t find a weekend leather bag of the right size, Duma designed the Birkin Bag just for her. 
 Jane Birkin’s 60s boho style is a breath of fresh air. I especially love her carefree spirit and energy. Oh, and who would have thought that a simple straw bag could go with anything and everything?
Her 60s boho chic style is an inspiration for many of my weekend outfits, which is why I  decided to show you two interpretations of this style. Both interpretations revolve around authentic vintage 60s pieces, denim jeans, straw bags as well as photography locations that hold many memories of Singapore in the past.

My first interpretation is similar to what Jane Birkin wears when she’s out at sea – a feminine lace top paired with jeans and a straw bag. 
Denim jeans are a staple not just for Jane Birkin, but for many of us as well. Hence, my Levi’s jeans took centrestage in this outfit post. Paired with a lacy batwing top, floral crown, comfy wedges and a vintage Aigner straw bag, I was all prepared to relax with the wind caressing my face at the balcony of my Fullerton Hotel room. These photos were taken at the beautifully restored Fullerton Hotel, which served as a government office in the 60s.

Jeans from Levi’s
Lace top from Hong Kong
Floral crown from Sydney Glebe Markets
Platform wedges from random store in Singapore
Vintage Aigner Straw Bag from Dustbunny Vintage


My second interpretation features a vintage bell bottoms jumpsuit from Dustbunny Vintage. The ruffle tube top and straw apple wristlet add a playful, whimsical charm to the entire ensemble. It’s the perfect outfit for a day out at the Botanic Gardens.

Denim jumpsuit from Dustbunny Vintage
Straw apple wristlet from Kate Spade
Ruffle hairband (gift from my girlfriend)
The bold psychedelic prints of the 60s have also made a dramatic comeback in the Spring/Summer 2013 collections of Moschino, PPQ and Versus. There was an explosion of geometric prints, whimsical hearts and paisley prints in vibrant hues all over the runway. Flower Power is back with a vengeance!   

To complete the flower power style, a bouffant hairstyle is the best option. Here’s my spin on what this style entails.
If you find bold primary colours and graphic prints too daring for your lliking, you can always opt for feminine floral prints in bright shades of pink, like this vintage 60s number from Dustbunny Vintage. To finish the look, I put on a wig to achieve that tousled, bouffant hairdo. Now, I can strut off to an evening function or a dinner party! 
If I were back in the 60s or off to a 60s themed party, I would also throw on a few plastic bangles and a dash of red lipstick!
Flower Power Vintage 60s dress from Dustbunny Vintage
Wig from Girlhairdo

Out of these four 60s fashion trends, which do you like the most? Are your outfits inspired by any of these trends?

I hope you enjoyed this post as well as my interpretations of the 60s fashion trends! 
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