Authentic Thai cuisine is hard to come by in Singapore, so if you’re looking for authentic Thai cuisine in the heartlands, you have to try Joe’s Kitchen. Located in Bukit Merah Lane 1, opposite Alexandra Hospital, it is a gem that I unraveled during a recent food review with Karen, Jasmine and Ruiying. 
Joe is Thai (in the blue t-shirt below) and he’s the
wonderful chef behind all the sumptuous delicacies that you are about to
see in this post. While Joe whips up a storm in the kitchen, Jamie, his
wife, is always serving customers with a warm smile and making sure
that everyone is well taken care of. 

I really liked the restaurant’s non-pretentious, homely ambience and the friendly service, which made me feel right at home. This is a place where you can let your guard down and unwind after a long day’s work by indulging in delicious Thai food!

Thai Iced Tea (S$2.50)
I like that the Thai iced tea here isn’t overwhelmingly sweet. It’s very refreshing and one of the best that I’ve tried. I can’t take caffeine because
it keeps me awake all night, but I have to order Thai iced tea whenever I
have Thai food. Now you know what my favourite drink is!

Mango Salad (S$7)

The mango salad appetizer has just the right mix of textures and flavours to awaken your tastebuds. The nuts add crunch and do a good job of balancing the sweet, sour and spicy flavours. In general, this appetizer is a pretty spicy one and will definitely not disappoint those of you who love spicy dishes.

Thai Prawn Cake (S$2.50 per piece)

The prawn cakes here are fried to golden perfection. The batter was light and crisp, just the way I like it. I would definitely order this again on my next visit!

Seafood Tom Yum Nam Kone (S$5.50/S$9.90/S$13.90)

The tom yum soup here packs a punch of flavours, complete with a lingering spiciness that makes this dish unforgettable. No wonder it is touted as one of the top 10 best tom yum soups in Singapore!

Mixed Vegetables (S$8/S$12/S$16)
 The sliced chilli padi peeking out from all corners of this seemingly innocent dish promises to stimulate your tastebuds in the most unexpected ways. This dish is certainly not as bland as it looks. In fact, it is so flavourful, we finished the dish in minutes.

Black Olive Rice (S$8/S$12/S$16)

 I have a penchant for olive vegetables in general and I liked that the black olive rice here is very fragrant and tasty. Yummy!

Thai Style Steamed Sea Bass (S$24)
The best way to test if a fish is fresh is to steam it, and I must say the fish here is really fresh! Infused with a blend of thai herbs and lemongrass, the fish is sweet, succulent and flavourful. This is another dish that I would highly recommend.

Claypot Crab with Vermicelli (Seasonal Price)
I love crabs and vermicelli so you can imagine how my eyes lit up the moment this dish was served. The glutton in me manifested and I devoured everything in no time.

Thai Red Ruby (S$3)
What better way is there to end a spicy meal than with a bowl of ice-cold Thai red ruby? This dessert is delicious and great for cooling down your palate. 😉

Tapioca with Coconut Milk (S$4.50)
I didn’t think I would like this dessert very much, but I was wrong. I LOVED it! The soft but firm texture of the tapioca went really well with the mild flavour of the coconut milk. Among all the desserts that we tried, this is my personal favourite.

Mango Sticky Rice (S$5.50)
Jamie told us that the mango that day was sour, but all of us were yearning for mango sticky rice that day and she was so sweet to accommodate our request. The glutinous rice was good, but as we had expected, the mango was sour. I’ll order this again when the mangoes are sweeter!
I thoroughly enjoyed the Thai cuisine at Joe’s kitchen and I’m very sure that I’ll be back again when I next crave for Thai food. If you’re looking for authentic Thai food in a cozy, homely setting, Joe’s Kitchen is the place to go!