We’re leaving Sydney very soon and while I do miss Singapore very much, I know I’ll really miss the pristine beaches, many of which remain untouched by commercialization.
Two of such beaches are Palm Beach and Avalon Beach, tucked safely away from civilization in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney.
We were the only visitors at Avalon Beach that day. Time seemed to stand still as we watched the waves crashing against the beach and felt the soft sand beneath our feet.
Secluded beaches like this are hard to come by these days, and there are times when I wonder why Australians venture abroad to Bali etc. when there are so many gorgeous beaches right at their doorstep.
The Palm Beach vicinity may be home to the rich and famous, but likewise, the beach is untainted by any signs of development and absolutely perfect for relaxing on a sunny afternoon.
Monokini from Valleygirl

The beaches at Manly and Bondi are immensely popular spots for people watching, but if you crave a little quiet time alone, away from the hustle and bustle, Palm Beach and Avalon Beach may just be your cup of tea. To me at least, these are the best kept secrets of Sydney. 😉