is no stranger to Singaporeans. Singapore may be a small island, but thanks to the addition of new roads and changing traffic conditions, it’s always useful to check out how to navigate from Point A to B in the shortest possible time!

Now, with Streetdirectory’s latest app, Singapore Maps, all iPhone and Android phone users can enjoy the convenience of road navigation with the touch of a finger! Road directions aside, the Singapore Maps app also comes with a slew of brand new features that promises greater user satisfaction and ease of usage!
Here are two new features that I find particularly useful:
1. Offline Maps
This new feature that enables you to download street maps of not just Singapore, but that of Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines too! Internet access is not required, so you’ll always know exactly where you are and where you’re heading to. That means you’ll never get lost when you’re overseas. 🙂
2. Business Directory
Looking for the nearest restaurant or the location of a particular hair salon? The information is now right at your fingertips! Just click on the “Directory” tab and you’ll find a comprehensive list of businesses categories to help you with your search process.

I particularly love the Women category, which is further broken down into subcategories that cater to your every whim and fancy!

The Singapore Maps app allows you to make free calls to businesses that are listed in their database. Need to ask a question or make a reservation? All you need to do is leave your number and you’ll receive a call from the store.
The app also
automatically maps the store’s location on your street map, which means
you can immediately locate the store and get directions there! Talk about convenience!
3. Sharing Tips

Getting timely traffic updates or reviews on the latest deals/stores/food has never been easier with the Tips tab. You can also share pictures, comments and your location with friends. I especially like the up-to-date traffic alerts. Now, I’ll always know which roads to avoid when I’m in a hurry!

Here’re the links to download this app: