I haven’t been cooking much in Australia, but ever since I tried the mentaiko pasta at Porcorosso, I’ve been curious about the possibility of making it on my own. This isn’t much of a recipe actually because lazy me would never make sauce from scratch. I went to the Asian supermarket to get prepacked mentaiko sauce just to try it out.
Each pack (priced at A$4.20) comes with mentaiko sauce and seaweed (2 packets each) and makes a great meal for two!
I tend to be very picky about the texture of my pasta, so these are the steps that I would usually take to ensure my pasta tastes exactly the way I like it:
Step 1: Boil pasta in water together with a dash of sea salt and olive oil
Step 2: Drain pasta with strainer the minute it is cooked, douse it in cold water before draining it again
Step 3: Finally, fry pasta with butter in the pan together with prawns
 What I love about the prepacked mentaiko sauce is, after cooking your pasta, all you have to do is mix in the sauce (without cooking), top it off with the seaweed provided and voila, you’re done! 
The verdict? This recipe promises to tantalize your tastebuds with every bite, even if you weren’t a mentaiko fan to begin with! JW
is now a mentaiko pasta convert, and as for me, I would never splurge on
another plate of mentaiko pasta at a restaurant again!
Trust me, this home-cooked mentaiko pasta tastes just as good, if not better. 😉