My coffee addict of a husband and I have been hunting down the best coffee in Sydney, so it was no wonder we decided it was time to head down to the flagship Campos Coffee store located at Newtown, which was awarded 3 cups (i.e. full marks) by Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Coffee Guide 2012.

Established 10 years ago, this cafe used to be a sleepy shop beneath an apartment. Things are different now of course, and it’s always bustling with life, even on weekdays!

The first floor is where the expresso bar is situated. Throngs of tourists and locals alike flock here just to savour the best coffee. No menus are provided but they offer the usual classics like latte, espressos, and also extras such as affogatos, iced coffees, teas and hot chocolate.

We only realized on hindsight that the second floor has a cupping room, which is probably worth a go for every coffee lover at $30 per pax. For the uninitiated, cupping is similar to wine tasting.

According to Campos Coffee’s website, “Cupping is a basic method of tasting coffee which is standard across the world. Whether it be Guatemala, Canada, Indonesia, London, Mexico, Kenya – everyone uses this same procedure which is almost a ritual. 5oz of water at 92 degrees is added to 10g of coffee coarsely ground. The coffee then steeps for 5 minutes and then the grinds removed- and the coffee is ready to be analyzed. “

Never knew brewing a cuppa coffee was so technical. 😛

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After coffee, next up on our to-go list in Newtown was Burgerfuel for sweet potato fries with aioli!

They call it Kumara fries with Aioli on the menu. Aioli is a stronger, more pungent version of mayonnaise and is made of garlic, egg and olive oil. I’ve never tried it in Singapore previously but it certainly proved to be a very tasty complement to fries, especially sweet potato fries!

I’ve never tried sweet potato fries in my life either but these are really yummy! It’s the perfect alternative to its oilier counterpart (i.e. french fries) and is a much healthier treat for the health conscious.

Besides food and coffee, Newtown is also home to quaint little shops that line the lively streets. I would love to visit this suburb at night one day, because that’s when the lesbian bars come alive! 😉

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