As my dear friend Sushi puts it, Australia makes people do weird things. I am the perfect example. I don’t like outdoor activities but so far, I’ve gone on 2 bushwalks (i.e. hiking trips). My most recent bushwalk was at the Blue Mountains Grand Canyon Track.

I have chronic hydrophobia, so crossing streams freak me out big time. If I recall correctly, we had to cross at least 5 streams, not counting the one you see below, which has nicely paved flat rocks for you to step on.

Usually, crossing streams mean we have to step on rocks of all shapes and sizes just to get to the other side.

Yup, like this.

I was told this is an easy bushwalk, but when I checked it up on wildwalks’ website AFTER the walk, the difficulty level is HARD. Trust me to believe friends who are hardcore bushwalkers and campers.

On the brighter side, the lovely view at the bottom of the canyon, coupled with the tranquil and serene environment, made this a very scenic walk.

Compared to Boronia Point, which was where JW brought me on my first trip to Blue Mountains, the terrain here is much less treacherous as well.

Of course, positive thinking always helps. On our way back up to the carpark, we passed through a beautiful waterfall, stopped by to wash our feet in the icy cold water (yes, wearing Keen shoes during winter wasn’t such a good idea after all) and took many pictures while our toes slowly turned purple and fell off.

Fine, our toes are still intact.

So, will I still go for more bushwalks? Hm..possibly, but only if my fellow companions stop undermining the difficulty levels of the various bushwalk tracks!