I haven’t been doing much these days except eat, cook and eat some more. I can totally understand why people put on weight in Australia, or even become diabetic. The cakes, sweets and chocolates here are so wonderful I could eat them for all 3 meals.

Here I was, at New York Cafe at Chatswood, drinking hot chocolate.

JW was devouring a bun. I always joke that he has this impeccable ability to make anything that he eats look delicious. Don’t you agree?

Here’s what he can’t do without – coffee, although it does nothing to keep him awake. In fact, it does the exact opposite. He feels sleepy right after coffee.

What I can’t live without in Sydney – desserts. This carrot cake is sooo yummy! I also had my green tea snow ice fix at ZenQ recently and have been eating chocolates just about everyday.

I never really had a sweet tooth in Singapore, but I guess Australia changed everything.

At this rate, Diabetes will soon become my best friend.