Just wanted to share another set of photos taken by KC of Tiny Dot Photography. The first shot is my favourite because unlike the usual profile shots, I like how the strands of flyaway hair broke loose and took on a life of their own, adding movement and interest to the photo.

The perfection of imperfection, that’s what it is.

As we strolled along the back alleys, we came across a distinctive stand-alone circular building which is so rare, you probably wouldn’t find it anywhere else on the very cosmopolitan city state of Singapore these days. I particularly like the retro feel of the photos, and this cute little blue van below is quite possibly the perfect prop for prewedding shoots!

The last two shots that I’m sharing with you are a little different from my usual photos. I guess they’re more expressive in a melancholic and contemplative way. I personally like how these photos turned out. How about you?