As you would have read in my previous post, I was invited to the Queen Elizabeth II Cup at the Singapore Turf Club recently.

As with most races, especially overseas ones, attendees usually turn up dressed to the nines, topped with an elaborate headpiece or glamorous hat. It was such great fun catching up with Jessie from the Turf Club and of course Karen (whom I meet all the time) and Eunice. 😉 Do you like our hats?

Here’s a close-up of my hat.:)

The event was held at the Marquee, where guests were treated to a sumptuous buffet fare and colourful cocktails.
Amidst food, flowing conversations and the races, new friendships were forged too. I was acquainted with Shun Jian, who owns personal development blog He only appeared in one group photo, because this nice, gentlemanly guy was helping me to take photos with everyone else. 😉

I also caught up briefly with Sebastian and Xing, Karen’s friends whom I first met at a party at Lucky 13!

I was so glad to meet Irene, who blogs at Rene Memory List too. We first met at the Longines Singapore Gold Cup in November 2011. She’s such a sweet and friendly lady, you’ll feel completely at ease around her.

I invited my friend Stacie to the event too, and we had such a ball of a time. You know how girls are..all we do is chat non-stop!

With Karen, Benjamin of Chocolate Pistol fame and his friend. These two guys are some of the most stylish men I’ve seen around!

I was fortunate to be shortlisted for the Hats on Track Competition, where guests could vote for their favourite hat of the evening. From the pictures, you can see that I was surrounded by a bevy of tall Caucasian beauties. While I was proud to be one of the only two Asians in the competition, I couldn’t help but feel really short next to the towering ladies around me!

They are pretty gorgeous, aren’t they?

In case you were wondering, no, I didn’t win the competition. There were just so many immaculate ladies with outstandingly beautiful hats to choose from!

We also had the opportunity to take a tour around the turf club. That was when we witnessed the jockeys weighing themselves right after the race. They are so light, even with all the equipment! On a completely random note, JW and I always joke that he should become a jockey because he’s so incredibly light. 😛

We visited the Champage Room, which is where the prize-giving ceremony usually takes place. Check out the row of champagne bottles in small, medium and extra large sizes. Haha, this room certainly isn’t called the Champage Room for nothing.

Group shot with all the bloggers and guests at our two tables.

Finally, here’s my outfit for the evening. The dress was a Valentine’s gift from JW a while back. This alluring beauty hails from Dustbunny Vintage. I’ve been patronizing Pia’s shop since years ago and I adore her exclusive selection of unique cocktail dresses.

For those of you who are interested in horses, racing, and horse-racing, you may want to head down to Nex, B2 Level today. The Singapore Racing Festival is now on and you’ll get to meet the beautiful Turf Belles, Singapore Turf Club’s very own ambassadors!

Radio DJ Lin Pei Fen will also be there at the roadshow, which takes place from 11am to 9pm today. Head on down if you’re free!