Sorry to disappoint you. I didn’t actually dine in the Swiss Alps. What I did however, was have lunch in a restaurant that was decorated to resemble the Swiss Alps.
The irony of it all is, I will actually be able to pen a genuine post on the Swiss Alps in due course because I will be heading there soon!
In the meanwhile, you can still enjoy the lovely scenery of the alps in the comfort of Marche at 313 Somerset! The moment I stepped into the restaurant, I felt like I had entered a quaint Swiss cottage set against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains, lush pastures and cute milkmaids with their cows in tow.

I can’t recall the last time that I patronized Marche, but I do remember that it used to be located at The Heeren and was a popular haunt among my university classmates.

Nothing much has changed except for the more upmarket decor. For one, my favourite mushroom soup, crepes and root beer are still available on the menu!

Inevitably, looking at pictures of mountains can cause rockclimbers to hallucinate and pine for the sport. In some cases, the individual’s palms will start to sweat uncontrollably as well.

So, what do people (like the above) do when they feel the urge to climb? People like them make their spouses take photographs of them while they are in the heat of the action.

Don’t you just pity the poor squirrels who are attempting to flee their natural habitat in the face of danger?
After a hearty lunch, we spent the rest of the leisurely afternoon chilling out at Tully’s Coffee and catching up on the latest news before we headed home for a short break before dinner.
I changed into another outfit before we went out for dinner in town. The lace strapless dress here is another lovely piece courtesy of ClubCouture. I wanted to add a dash of colour to the black and white ensemble, hence I paired the dress with bright green heels and a whimsical clutch from Pleats Please by Issey Miyake.
As I had expected, this dress was a complete sell-out on ClubCouture. The pretty tiered lace skirt and attached bow accent belt would set everyone’s heart fluttering!
I did however spy another lovely black lace dress on ClubCouture, so if you’re looking for the perfect little black dress with just a hint of lace, the Nat Lace Babydoll Dress may just be it!
Have a great weekend babes! 🙂