It has been a while since I met Grace as she got attached recently and has been spending more time with her baby! I finally had her all to myself one weekend a couple of weeks ago!
I love hanging out with girlfriends just to do the usual girly things like watching chick flicks, shopping, doing our nails and catching up over a cup of tea. After the movie (I love Sex & The City!) and a lot of shopping, we had a sumptuous yet sinful meal at McDonalds before adjourning to Arteastiq Tea Lounge for dessert tea.
Housed within Marxx, a designer furniture shop, Arteastiq is tastefully decorated with an artistic European flair infused with elements of Eastern influence. Softly illuminated by the row of cane lights which resemble Chinese birdcages, this cafe has a very comfortable and cozy atmosphere that is perfect for unwinding.
Other eastern influences include the blue and white floral wallpaper, which is reminiscent of an oriental painting.The black and white print sofa also lends an interesting contrast to the light colour palette.
I fell completely in love with the European armchairs which come in an assortment of vibrant neon colours, adding a playful touch to the elegant decor.
Grace and I share many common interests, such as shopping, make-up and all things associated with beauty, not to mention camwhoring too! We always go the extra mile to ensure that only our best angles are captured.
I had the lychee tea while Grace went for the pear tea. The lychee tea was a little too sweet for me but I found Grace’s tea very refreshing and pleasing to the palate. The dessert teas are brewed with real fruit, hence you can taste the essence of the fruit with every sip. Each of our trays also came with a plate of delicious dried cranberries, a delightful complement to the slightly bitter-sweet taste of tea.
Here’s what I wore that day. It’s a dreamy tulle tunic similar to the previous outfit that I posted. This cute little tunic is from Number 50 at Mandarin Gallery. I thought this would be the perfect outfit for catching Sex and the City as it is feminine, mischievous and outrageous at the same time!