I love theme parks, not for the thrilling rides, but the magical atmosphere and fantasy environment that transport you back to the days when you were just a chlid. Theme parks bring out the child in us and allow us to escape into our imaginations.
Don’t we all wish that we never had to grow up to face the harsh realities of this world?

Everland reminds me of Disney land except that it has some pretty scary rides, such as the steepest roller coaster in the world! The service staff are so cheerful and bubbly, it really makes you feel like you’re in a fairy tale land.

I love carousels as they bring back childhood memories. I like that carousels always come complete with intricate carvings set in complementary royal colours. Its beauty is unrivaled by any other ride in all theme parks.

I used to love taking the roller coaster, viking and all, but I guess I have mellowed with age. Ouch.

There’s a small animal zoo for children within the theme park as well. The monkeys were so adorable! I never knew monkeys had a thing for soft toys. 😛

Lotte World

Before heading to Lotte World, we went to an apple farm where we could pick two apples each! All of us took great pains to examine the apples before plucking the biggest and rosiest ones off the tree.
They were amazingly sweet and juicy!!

Lotte World, in comparison, wasn’t as interesting as Everland. It didn’t help that the theme park was located right smack in the middle of commercial buildings. Totally spoils the landscaping if you ask me.

My outfit for the day. This is one of my favourite dresses because the skirt is made of tulle. 😉
Some of the scenes in Stairway to Heaven were filmed at the carousel.

That’s all for now! Going off to nurse my bad throat. 🙁