I’m getting a little lazy when it comes to updating about my Korea trip, so I’m gonna make this a short one filled with pictures of Jeju Island.

This trip made me realize that I actually do enjoy climbing mountains and hills. I guess the daily walks to and from the MRT station (yes I take the MRT!!) also helped to build up my stamina.

You know, I used to be breathless after climbing a flight of stairs, but now I can climb a hill and not feel utterly exhausted!

Although it was the start of autumn, the sun was still scorching hot, hence you’ll see me wearing the same hat that I bought from a tourist shop at the foot of Mount Sorak. It goes with practically everything ;).

I was basking, not just in the hot sun, but also in the beauty of nature. There’s something about nature that soothes your nerves and dispels whatever negative energy in your body.

Doesn’t this remind you of Hawaii? Jeju Island is supposedly known as the Hawaii of Korea.

I went horseriding as well, albeit in a different location. The horse looks very tame and genteel here, but I had an exceptionally thrilling ride. In fact, I was hanging onto the reins for my dear life because the horse decided to race around the track a few times at lightning speed!!! The faint-hearted me thought that I was going to die any moment. 😛

Next up was the Teddy Bear Museum. I love bears and was very entertained by the amusing yet creative works of art.

This reminds me of someone. You know who you are. Haha.These two paintings are hilarious!!

I call this the Atas bear. Didn’t know bears had a thing for LV too.

And finally, here are our couple bears! Love them! I bought the girl from Korea, while JW got his from the recent army open house.

Don’t they just look fabulous together? 😉