These two months are terribly busy for me as both work and personal plans are closely intertwined. While work is pretty enjoyable, I can’t wait for another holiday break, which takes place next month. ;). I’ll be heading to Japan again in Oct and it’s gonna be filled with pure, unadulterated fun this time with a good pal. Before I know it, I’ll be back there again in November for work. Makes me wonder if I should seriously consider taking up Japanese as a 3rd language.

I wouldn’t have time to blog this weekend thanks to F1, so if you’re gonna be there too, have fun!

I know I’m not done with my Korea posts, but I’d rather wait till I have more time on my hands before I continue.

In any case, here’s a casual outfit that I wore out on a Saturday, in an attempt to battle the scorching heat. My love for fierce heels never ends, does it?